Health during Old Age: Recreational activities for senior people

Health during Old Age: Recreational activities for senior people

It is well known that a good diet, exercise and an active lifestyle all together contribute to a healthy older age. Elderly people should pursue a 2019 medicare supplement plan F for the rest of the year. their hobbies with passion and commitment in order to stay healthy and happy. Those seniors who stay in a care service or alone, it is all the more important for them to have a day filled with many activities which helps in emotional, physical and cognitive well-being. Make sure that your day is well planned with activities that are of your interests, few recreational activities that you might like to include in your daily routine are:

  1. Adopt a Pet: A pet is a man’s best friend. Pets have known to have an extremely healing effect on their owner’s life. Having a Pet reduces the level of stress hormones and provides great emotional support.
  2. Learning a Craft/Building new skill: Pick up a skill you always wanted to learn, find a teacher or mentor and start taking a class. Learning new skills increases cognitive ability and enhances brain muscles. Also, it will give a great sense of achievement.
  3. Gardening: Nature has great therapeutic powers. In senior years one should try to be as close to nature as possible. It is for this reason that pursuing creative skills gives such a great sense of belongingness and contentment. Gardening is another great activity to invest your time into. Learn about the basics, discuss within your social circle, plant flowers, trees and vegetables.
  4. Join a Yoga Class: Apart from doing the daily yoga for 10-15 minutes also join a yoga class where you can learn about meditation, breathing exercise, spiritualism and other higher form of prayers.
  5. Charity Work: Give back to society and join a nearby organization which is involved in working for a cause for the betterment of society. Contribute through our time and skill.
  6. Join a Community: Join a tribe of like-minded people that you would like to hang out with. Share your day time with them listening to their life stories and narrating ours, visit each other and share food, play games etc.
  7. Watch TV, Play Games: Spend your day doing some fun activities, watch movies, listen to music, read and discuss newspapers, play board games etc.
  8. Spend more time with your better half: Old age is the time to fall in love again. Revive your romance with your better half, share life memories, have good conversation, go for a walk together etc.
  9. Reading: Pick up your favourite book and read it. Share your learnings with others. Join a book club and participate in ‘Book Reading Sessions’. Etc.

Tips to Prepare yourself for Retirement:

Tips to Prepare yourself for Retirement:

Retirement is a time that many people at a certain age expect with hope since it is their time to rest after so many years working. However, many people who once overcome this barrier feel useless for not being active, without real obligations, and fall emotionally falling into a depression. Like any other related ailment, affected people may need medical help but, before that happens. So here are the useful tips to prepare yourself for retirement: part of your retirement plan should include going to and getting a medicare supplement plan.


Before your retirement comes, you can think about what activities you are going to do when you have more free time, in fact, you can start doing some of them or establish some habits little by little so that when the time comes, the change is not so drastic for you.

You have to face it as a new beginning:

Change of stage, even if it is retirement, does not mean that our life is over. It is advisable to think of it as something positive, as in a stage in which we can do new things and take advantage of free time in doing all those activities that you could not afford for lack of time.

Keep busy:

One of the tips to avoid depression after retirement is more important to stay active, not stay at home doing nothing and avoid spending many hours in front of the TV. For this, you can return to enjoy the hobbies that you already had or start some new ones like:

• Reading

• Travel

• Paint

• Practice golf

• Go fishing

• Cycling

• Trekking

• Swimming

• Learn to use new technologies

Enjoy your friends and your family:

Spend more time with your family and friends recovering those moments that, for work reasons, could not take place before. You can carry out any activity or hobby in common with them. In addition, retired people can also feel useful in helping to perform household chores.

Meet new people:

In addition, since the rest of the family members may have obligations that prevent them from spending all the time they wish with us, it is recommended that you start doing group activities and meet new people who, above all, meet your needs. Thus, you can comment with them your worries and your positive thoughts and feel understood and supported. So, through these tips to prepare yourself after retirement as one can start with this new stage enjoying habits that improve your quality of life and your mood.

Mental Health: Old Age and Dementia

Mental Health: Old Age and Dementia

Dementia is a very common disorder among elderly people. As the age increases the brain’s ability to remember and coordinate decreases significantly. While certainly, it is a very painful process to see your loved one going through this stage there are a few things which are very important while dealing with people with dementia.

Difference between Memory Loss and Dementia:

While memory loss or forgetfulness is a common phenomenon as a result of ageing and it happens in adults also. A step ahead from forgetfulness is Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in which a person may forget many important things in life however it doesn’t have a significant effect on the independent life or day to day activities. MCI may slowly lead to Alzheimer’s disease thought. Dementia is a medically serious condition and is a cluster of mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and others. There is considerable brain damage and the person may find it difficult to talk, forget own family members, the ability to think and judge are also severely distorted. Therefore it is very important to attend the person suffering from Dementia with great care. Since this is a disease which gradually affects the brain and memory, it is equally painful for the loved ones of the patient to see their beloved go through this phase. The caretakers and family members in such cases, therefore, need strong emotional support and therapies. There are few things which the caretakers must take care of all times:

  1. Keeping Calm: Dementia can result in many frequent mood changes and significant behavioural changes in the patient and hence it is very important for the caretakers to keep calm. Listen to the patient, keep your voice soft, reassure them.
  2. Be Patient: While we understand that it can be really frustrating and annoying at times. Find your self a place to accept your feelings, acknowledge & accept them. Spend some time alone or with friends/family members. Stay patient. Make a few changes in our routine as well as the patient’s routine to break the monotony of life.
  3. Being around the patient and ensuring their safety: People with dementia have a tendency of wandering and getting lost often. Thankfully we have advanced technology these days which can ensure our loved one’s safety at all times. Make sure they have a GPS system that you can take a track of, Know all their routes and meet with people they go out with. Inform everyone in the neighbourhood, so that they can offer help in situations of Emergency.
  4. Take Care of proper diet and regular medication
  5. Ensuring an active lifestyle with many recreational activities planned around the day.
  6. On time visits to the doctor and always keep the emergency number handy.

While Dementia is a very serious disorder, with the support of loved ones this challenge can be conquered. Accept the situation and join a group where you can share the trauma and pain. Learn from other’s experiences. All these things will help you deal with the situation in a much stronger way.

Retirement Ideas for Senior Citizens:

Retirement Ideas for Senior Citizens:

For many people, retirement life is very boring. So today here we are giving some retirement ideas. There can be some productive ideas given on what do after retirement, but who’s better than himself to know what will make him happy. The classic wine cases, a book or eBook or personalized writing pens are always a good choice as gifts for the so-called third age. But here are some ideas for life after retirement with which to really surprise his/her parent, rather than dividing them by their adaptation to the corresponding age range.

The most common is partial retirement. Partial retirement is considered to be retirement initiated after the completion of the 60th anniversary, simultaneous with a part-time work contract and linked or not with a relief contract concluded with a worker in unemployment situation or who has a contract with the company of determined duration. In this case, what one can do is, at the time of accessing retirement make it compatible with a job.

Productive Things to do After Retirement:

Mentoring for entrepreneurs:

One of the most interesting options for an active retiree to invest time optimally is the realization of mentoring for entrepreneurs. There are multiple associations that serve as support for people who start their business. These entities carry out an accompaniment of experts who, like the retired person, facilitate the path to the entrepreneur thanks to their experience.

Make work and retirement compatible:

There are several formulas that allow this compatibility. The Administration allows different options. One can allow himself to work from home having less stress and no goals for earning billion dollars. Small businesses, babysitting, eateries etc. all are productive options for the same.

Do social volunteering:

If what you want is to help others in a disinterested way, there are multiple entities in which you can invest your free time or simply doing activities of our liking. One of the best known is any renowned non-profit organization, declared of Public Utility. Through such associations, in addition to helping other people, you can also find peer groups to enjoy your free time to the fullest.

Art and crafts:

It is possible that you have not picked up a brush from the elementary school art class but retirement is the time to try new things. Try new artistic and creative initiatives or perfect those you have already enjoyed all your life with the additional time you have available now with your retirement.

Finance planning just before your retirement

Finance planning just before your retirement

If you are planning your retirement life, you should be more careful about everything. You should draw a proper list before seeking out for help for financial planning. Your financial planning can be done by you only or you can hire a professional financial planner to eliminate any of the miss-steps that can cause consequences in future. A financial planner can make your ways for effective and successful with their knowledge and level of experience.

Go with a convenient asset allocation strategy

It is important that you should spread your investments in the retirement accounts in various holdings. It will help you to deal with the ups and downs of bond and the stock market. It will keep your savings stable. Young people are more likely to absorb risks but if you are preparing for your retirement, you need to shift for a more conservation mix. Your financial planner may suggest you the target-date mutual funds. On the basis of the age group, it gets gradually more conservative as the investor gets closer to retirement. It is uttermost necessary that your money needs to last for 25 to 30 years and you need to have an allocation strategy that not much conservative as you move to your retirement. Everyone should keep up with the inflation. You know what is right for you so after discussion with your financial planner you can choose the one that right for you.

Plan your stream of income

Before retirement, determine how much money each year you can take from social security and retirement accounts. Most of the financial planners recommend that you can take 4% only from the retirement funds with a 3% increase to cover the inflation.  In the current economic condition, it is important to consider putting off dipping into your various investments till the market has recovered to a certain extent. The minimum age for social security is 62. If you can afford, you can you can wait for your full retirement age. You will then receive the “delayed retirement credit” and that can add 8% more to your benefit every year till the age of 70.

Eliminate debt.

Pay off all the credit cards before retirement. If you do not pay the amount at the end of the month, you will need to pay them at the time of retirement. Tackle all the pay-offs with a higher rate of interest. Pay off the entire mortgage also before leaving your office.

Best Part-Time Jobs You Can Do After Retirement

Best Part-Time Jobs You Can Do After Retirement

You have been working all your life, and your body is somehow used to it. So, you might not find resting at home without anything to do as anything near fun. Again, you probably need money to supplement your reduced income and limited resources. The best way to get busy and continue earning after retirement and as you age is by getting a job. But again, not all jobs are god for your age. And you might not prefer a full-time job. Some of the best part-time jobs for a person like you have been mentioned bellow.

  1. Tutor

If you are a retired teacher, then you definitely have the experience and educational background to learners master challenging subjects, and to help students prepare for various exams. You can lecture for few hours a day in a local college, or offer tutorial services online. You can also get a 2019 medicare supplement plan online.

  • Dog walker or pet sitter

If you love animals, then pet sitting can be a great part-time job for you. Taking care of pets while clients go to work or vocation can be a fun way to earn extra money and to keep yourself busy. If you still have the energy, you can take up a job as a dog walker. This will also help you keep moving and exercise regularly, which is very helpful to people of your age.

  • Consultant

In case you are passionate about your career but you don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy doing it, then consulting is definitely the best part-time job for you. You can turn your experience, network, and expertise to your advantage and work few hours a day for local companies or your former employer.

  • Medical coder or biller

Medical coders and billers translate the healthcare services into various diagnostic codes to be used in medical billing. Besides, they also track, prepare, and send medical bills to insurance companies and patients. If you have a certificate of medical cording and billing, or an associate degree, then this would be a great part-time job for you in retirement.

  • Bookkeeper

If you have no problem using Microsoft Excel and accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks, then you can take a part time job as a bookkeeper. To secure this position, you should also have the capability to communicate requirements to employees and clients. Bookkeeping is not that involving and this is what makes it a great part-time job for those who have already retired and are aging.

Part D Drug Policy and Advantage plans Plan Pt 2

Part D Drug Policy and Advantage plans Plan Pt 2

The good news is that if you find that the advantage plans plans from A to N are quite difficult to understand, you should understand them at least once. Now, the reason is that every lettered plan from one insurance company to another must be exactly the same. The same is true for the Part D drug plans. Each provider offers three Part D drug plans, sometimes called “good, better and better”. However, the federal government also requires that each of them be exactly the same from one provider to another. Selecting the appropriate Medicare advantage plans and drug plan

Since each specific policy must be exactly the same from one provider to another, the first step is to choose the best Medicare Care Plan (A to N) and the best Medicare Part D policy based on your specific needs and situations. Although the definition of each policy (A-N) goes beyond the scope of this article, I will suggest some things to watch for. Also, remember that even though each policy may change from year to year, the constant is that if Policy A is from an insurance company, Plan A must be exactly the same as another plan. For example, last year I chose the Medicare F Supplement policy and a $ 310.00 deductible policy for drugs. Since it is possible to change policies in a short period of time, that is, from November 15 to December 3, it is important to choose the right policies from the beginning. So far, everything has gone well. In fact, F plan insured 20 percent of the total and the drug plan seems to be the accurate choice, particularly after paying for deductible. First of all, my drug policy offered me discounted rates for over-the-counter drugs.

So, again, if every policy from one company to another is exactly the same, how do you choose the right insurance company? First, find out about each health protection officer on each policy, which means that you must first choose the right health insurance agent. You need an experienced and licensed agent who will be patient enough to explain the various rules. Customer care will be different from one company to another. Word of mouth can assist you make a decision. As the past predicts future results, you should consider your previous experience with either the complaints department or the customer service department, whether on your own or with one of your acquaintances, with one of the leading insurance companies. ‘insurance.

In the end, now that you understand that all the plans must be exactly the same from one company to another, why not choose the company that provides the least monthly premiums, assuming it is a national brand that you are aware of? In other words, if Company A forwards an email to you each day for three months prior to your 65th birthday, and 3 months after, it charges far more than company B for a similar coverage, why not signup with company B? Review for 2020 advantage plans.

Part D Drug Policy and Medigap Plan Part 1

Part D Drug Policy and Medigap Plan Part 1

If you are approaching your 65th birthday, there should be no doubt that you are already registered for Medicare, or at least that you have read the information about how to apply. The first question to ask is whether you have prescription medical insurance and a Medicare Part D supplemental insurance policy or if you need to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan. Suppose you are already registered for Medicare. So, the next question would be, and then what? Medicare was simple, particularly because the federal government was the only place to find it. However, after receiving treatment covered by Medicare, you’ve only made one-third of the trip. Medicare covers 80% of medical and hospital expenses, but you must subscribe to two other health insurance policies.

Insurance plans for Medicare Supplements:

The first is the Medicare Supplemental Insurance, which is based on what its name implies. It completes your health insurance policy. This means, in a nutshell, that Medicare supplemental insurance pays for the difference from Medicare, which is in most cases 80%, and covers the total amount of hospitalization and doctor service charge. So far, everything is easy enough to understand, is not it? Medicare pays 80% and supplementary insurance the remaining 20%, provided you choose the right policy. This is where the big private insurance companies serve, making it difficult for the average person to understand. Every year, they have the choice between different Medicare supplement policies, each giving them an alphabet for the purpose of differentiation. For example, in 2010, Medicare supplemental plans are all accessible from A to N, with the exception of plans E, H, I and J that are no longer available.

Part D of Medicare Drug Policies:

Large private insurance firms offer different plans in Part D. The difference here from plan to plan is in the amount of the deductible, which can range from zero deduction to $300. The deductible, of course, is the total amount you have to spend on prescription drugs before you buy insurance. Your monthly premium will increase when your deductible decrease. This means that, without deductible, then you will pay the highest monthly premium. You must also understand something known as gap insurance, because after the start of insurance, from scratch or $ 315, when the complete prescription drug cost reaches $ 2,720 each year, the big insurance companies they will stop paying. The total cost of drugs is $ 4350. Also, these numbers take their root from the policies of 2010 and can therefore be altered. An insurance agent highlighted that it would be very clear if we considered the gap that a period without insurance should ensure, as it is sometimes called.

It is improbable that big private insurers will tell you that each insurance company is expected by the government to provide the exact same Medicare supplemental plans and the same Part-D health insurance plans in each state. This means, in a nutshell, that additional Medicare policies from A to N, for example in Texas, must have exactly the same characteristics as any other insurance company.

Plan G of Medicare Supplement: a plan similar to Plan F

Plan G of Medicare Supplement: a plan similar to Plan F

If you see twin sisters walking together and looking at only one of them, can you say that one of them is more mature than the other? You may say she behaves more courteously or she seems to have more charisma and feels more secure. Then you meet them and you see that one behaved a little more cautious than the other sister. Information about the Medicare F Supplemental Plan and the Medicare Supplemental Plan G. Plan F is the obvious winner at first glance. Both offer excellent coverage of gaps in regular Medicare coverage. In fact, Plan F covers all the deductibles, mutual insurance, co-payments and deductible supplements in Medicare, so you do not have to pay for this plan. Plan G works almost identically (ie the double analogy), but does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible, which corresponds to the provision of ambulatory care (medical examinations, etc.).

Why choose plan G instead of plan F? The reason is simple: it costs less. In many cases, you can save enough during the year to cover the deductible part B ($ 162 in 2011) while increasing by $ 100 a year. In general, the Medicare G Supplemental Plan offers the following benefits:

• Benefits of co-insurance / Medicare Part B

• Deductible for Medicare Part A or $ 1,340 for each benefit period in 2018. The subsidy period usually begins on the day you enter a retirement home or hospital and ends when you have not received a payment. hospital care at home. heal for 60 consecutive days.

• Medicare co-insurance (20% not paid for Medicare Part A) for hospital charges

• Up to 365 days of additional hospitalization have been exhausted after Medicare Part A benefit

• Up to three (3) pints of blood.

• Health care insurance (20% is not paid by Medicare Part A)

• Co-insurance or co-insurance that Medicare Part A has not paid.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2020

Even as we get older, the price difference tends to be a little more obvious. Finally, you could see an annual savings of $ 200 or more for a G plan (after completing the deductibility of Part B). As a result, it is possible that the Medicare supplement does not include Plan G, but in most cases the best value for money is obtained with Plan G (a combination of rewards and benefits). If you are on the smallest route while considering the feasibility of Plan G, you may be surprised to find that you are more likely to progress with Plan G. You may find that even after paying the allowance of Part B, you can end up saving $ 100 or more with Plan G. This does not seem excessive for most people, but every hundred dollars counts when you retire and you have a fixed income. When making the following comparison with Medicare Supplement insurance plans, make sure you do not leave plan G of your search because they simply do not look like the quality of plan F.

Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plans: The New Option for Retirees

Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plans: The New Option for Retirees

Medigap Insurance, often known as the Medicare Supplemental plans, underwent significant changes on June 1, 2010. Significant changes have been made to Medigap. Now, it offers health insurance to insure deductibles and co-insurance, and beneficiaries of Medicare must pay to access health care. Many policies have been deprecated and new ones have been included. Medigap policy E, H, I and J have been removed. These have been defined as “Benefits for Home Recovery” and “Benefits of Preventive Care” plans. The new inclusions are the M and N plans, although it is not certain that every company is proposing a new one. All new Medigap policies however, have added palliative care.

The new N policy offers similar benefits to Plan D, except a $ 20 medical commission and an additional $ 50 emergency call are charged. The new M policy also provides benefits similar to the D policy, but provides only half the excess of the deductible portions and B. The cost of the N policy is approximately 70% of the cost of the F policy and the cost of the policy. the M font is about 85% of F. In total, the number of Medigap fonts has been reduced to 10 floors. Although Medigap is a policy proposed by private insurance companies to quickly fill the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B, a private company under contract with the government is offering Medicare Advantage its profits. You must continue to keep Parts A and B and continue to pay the Part B bonus if you choose a Medicare Advantage policy.

Changes to Medicare Advantage policies, including mandatory loss rates and reduced rates, will provide fewer benefits to 2019 Medicare Advantage plans members. For example, you may pay less for a Medigap policy than for a Medicare Advantage policy if you choose the Medigap N policy. Also, the N policy of Medigap has no restrictive enrollment conditions, no network restrictions, or hospitalization fees amongst other features. However, please note that Medigap has no prescribing obligation while Medicare Advantage policies exist. With a Medigap policy, you must buy separate prescription drugs.

Before making a decision, you must explore the options in depth with an agent who can help you navigate this complex maze of insurance. Perhaps more importantly, they have added two new strategies, Medigap Policy M and Medigap Policy N. These strategies have added cost-sharing features to help reduce the premium policy. Police M will cover only half of the deductible portion A (ie $ 1,000 each year as at 2010). Now, this will not guarantee the surplus of Part B (which is $ 150 every year as at 2010). Finally, the M font has no advantage for “the excess of Part B”. Politics N, like plan M, will not cover the part B deductible; however, it fully secures the part A deductible. Plan N uses cost sharing (i.e co-payment) to limit premium costs. The N policy payments are $ 50 in the emergency room and $ 20 in the doctor’s office.