1. Jo

    Great idea. One he sees other kid using the potty, maybe(?) he’ll realize it’s not so bad. Or,…..who knows. He’s so perfect in every other way, how can you fault the poor kid. Good luck.

  2. Grammy

    I love this post! And I love this kid! He’s everything you describe and definitely keeps us all on our toes. What would we ever do without him? 🙂

  3. I completely understand all the fears and rightfully so. (And btw, I’m still all for covered cups, but then again, I have OCD). Anywho…..all I can say is that thank God Rocco is sooo cute! Is it weird that I really really find your son so adorable?? LOL! I really just love baby boys 🙂 (P.S. I know my comment probably didn’t make much sense but know that I enjoyed your post as always, Susan!)

  4. For the record last year my 3 YO boy did get (sorta) booted from preschool. It’s cool. We worked it out. He’s back and doing great. Let me know if you need to commiserate…
    Oh and the reading thing? I am super jealous as we struggle and struggle and struggle with my first grader on this.

  5. As the mother of 3 teenagers and one 12 year old, I’ll say what I always said about my own when they weren’t potty trained by the age of 3: they aren’t going to graduate college in a diaper…trust me…he won’t
    This was an awesome post. You’re hilarious!

  6. “I can only hope there is a biter in class to overshadow this.” Hahaha! Good luck! Though by the time I got to read this I’m sure he’s already having a great time in pre-K.

  7. Our little guy had his first day last week in a Two’s program (why we are starting this so early I don’t quite understand…) As I left the room and he stayed calm, I swelled with pride. And I wondered what percentage of the time he would have his finger in his nose…based on recent observations, I would guess about 93 percent of the time.

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