1. Maureen

    Oh my gosh! My youngest daughter is 9, I haven’t watched sprout in YEARS! And I STILL have a lingering British accent on a regular basis!!

  2. Fortunately for me, we haven’t had cable for 20 years–long enough to make it through our children’s childhoods without any toddler TV. They did watch a lot of Veggie Tales, though (and I can sing the theme song. In tune). They were also fascinated with the Where the Wild Things Are opera (my mom picked it up at a library sale). I never try singing that. Opera and I don’t get along.

  3. LOL!! I definitely have been reading the close captioning of Curious George to interpret some of the monkey sounds!! 😀
    Hey, do step over to my blog to check out the British Airways giveaway that’s going on!

  4. Haha, this was great. I do the IMDB thing all the time. I know I know that guy’s voice and isn’t Ryder from Paw Patrol also in Super Why or whatever it was that obsessed me the other day. Also the other night someone said “backpack” and my husband and I instantly sang “backpack, backpack” from Dora. Some words are just ruined forever.

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