1. Ha ha ha. Some great suggestions here! I think I’m going to write posts for one or two if them 🙂 And I totally already wrote an entire post about a pair of white pants that mock me in my closet! Great minds, I guess…

  2. Awesome suggestions!!! I just started a new blog, and I know I don’t have the most fabulous writing skills…these ideas will at least flex my brain a little bit.

  3. ha! that relationship with my pants is def. one thing to think about. I have long term pantfriends, short term pantfriends, expants that I hope to fit into someday, pants i hate to wear but must for business purposes… the list goes on hhaha.

  4. This is such a sweet post! I actually have one of these planned in the very near future! lol (I wrote said post weeks ago, but couldn’t fit it in due to the ones I had already scheduled.)

  5. SAM

    Bird poop…..on my front porch when I lived in MD I would see bird poop. I kept thinking why would birds land on the porch and poop?? Then one day I opened the door to step out on the porch and saw a large snake sunning on the porch……google snake poop!!!

  6. Thanks for the great ideas. You jogged several memories that would make for entertaining reading. Like the time I walked into a closet when I thought I was walking out a conference room door. The clients were all staring at me as I turned around and walked back into the meeting room. Impressive. I’m laughing as I write this.

  7. AWESOMENESS! what a fabulous list, I will be sure to use this to get me out of my current writers block! OMG, “irregardless” KILLS me. I’m now actually planning a pictorial of all the apostrophe faults I see on signage etc

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Haha! I might be guilty of a few apostrophe fouls, but I am right there is a basic level of apostrophe usage I expect from people! :o)

  8. Ha ha ha, these are great! I normally hate writing prompts, but these gave me a few really good ideas. 🙂 I also may just copy paste the whole list into a post. It’s like a crash course in getting to know me for my readers, like those email chains but funnier!

  9. Those are great prompts! Verbal pet peeves include but are not limited to “I know, right?” and “for all intensive purposes.” Thanks for the smiles and the daydream of me as Jack Bauer… 😉

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Intensive purposes!!!! That is a great one. My husband is guilty of ‘I know, right?’…what does that even mean???

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