1. HAHA. OMG. I love this. I’ve actually never watched QVC. I love that you DVR it. I have DVR’d the Today Show, which I was sort of embarrassed about. It’s another one of my guilty pleasures. I know very little about current events, but I can tell you about the weather across the country thanks to Al Roker. I’m so glad my post inspired you to come out of the QVC closet. 🙂 I’m already looking forward to reading more of your blog!!!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Today Show DVRing is much less embarrassing — unless you dvr that extra hour with Hoda and KLG….Thanks for reading!

  2. Antonella Nester

    Ps I also stood in that very long audition line in 2000, 2002, and 2004,,,
    Maybe we saw each other there.
    Pss,, I still don’t know which Dan is which. Lol

  3. Susan Maccarelli

    Angel and Antonella – the fact that you read this and commented made my year!! I just started blogging in October and now my favorite celebs appreciate my work :o) Seriously, I have watched you both for years and you are my ‘friends in my head’. Antonella – I think it was 2006 or 07 when I tried out – pretty sure you were already on air. If QVC ever wants a humor blogger on the community blogs, call me ;o) Thanks again for reading and commenting!!

  4. Love this! I started watching QVC with my grandmother when it first started and am also a “closet” QVC addict! 🙂 I hate it when people say “Your clothes are so cute! Where did you get them?” and, when I answer “QVC”, they almost always say, “Aren’t you a little young for that channel?” I didn’t realize there was an age limit!!

    • Teal

      I know what you mean! I’m not even 30, and I wear a lot of Quacker Factory, and I always get so many compliments on them. When I tell people where I got them, they always look…confused. LOL

  5. Teal

    It just so happened that this posting showed up under my “Angel Smedley: QVC,” and “Quacker Factory” entries on my FB page today!

    You are my soul-sista! I am 28 years old, and have watched QVC for nearly 20 years. I have a disability that has led to a lot of illness and discomfort through the years. Watching QVC helped me through many a rough day, and the accompanying difficult nights.

    I am a big Quacker Factory and Kirks Folly fan. Along with the angelic Valerie Parr Hill, Mr. Christmas, Philosophy beauty, I could go on! Although I have never had the privilege of going to a live taping or visit the studio.

    I used to tape Christmas in July on VHS when I was a kid, and I know that HSN products & hosts don’t begin to hold a candle to those on the Q. Kudos to you for being out & proud as a QVC fan!

  6. Marcia

    HAH!! I love your blog. I started watching the Q under a similar situation, I lost both parents and a close friend in one year and could not watch anything but QVC (I mean anything, not even commercials) without emotional distress!!! At first, my family and friends didn’t understand my interest, but now all my friends ask me what and where to buy the things they want. I don’t think my UPS guys quite understand though. 😉 I also agree with you about the other shopping channels, everything from the set appearance, to the products and the folks on air seem less professional than the Q.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Marcia – thanks for the comment. I am so sorry to hear about your parents and friend. That must have been so hard and I can totally relate to watching the Q to distract your mind a little during that time. I posted this on another site and one of the comments was that the lighting on QVC is bad and HSN looks like it is better quality. I was stunned by that one because QVC has always looked much better to me than other channels. To each his own. I’m glad you found my post!!

  7. michele oliver

    I understand, I began watching QVC in my 20s too. I started because of my new inlaws. Now, 20 years later, it’s been an addiction hard to break. It helped formed a kinship with my hubby’s family.

    It is funny that I’m a QVC snob (and while they still tend to get the bulk of my ordering), HSN has really come up & I love the changes they’ve made (especially the cute lil boxes with their sayings). Their CEO Mindy Grossman’s doing an awesome job.

    I too agree with you & like Wendy, (feel like they are my friend in my head) and know all & everything about the QVC hosts & my favorite vendors which leads to how I found this blog through a TV Shopping forum I am a member of.

    Oh and I do agree, (as I’m sure many people might) that they could totally have the Hoarders:QVC Edition, as on some episodes I’ve seen & pointed out the unopened boxes people have that too has occurred at my own home a few times (especially with hypno-buys).

  8. Rene

    I love your blog and its so nice to know there are many of us out there. I have known about QVC since i was child, my mother would order stuff from there. In my 20’s i would order things here and there, online, but never watched it on tv. Last month I was home for 2 weeks recovering from surgery and could not move around a lot and laid up in bed. I was flipping channels and my batteries died as i got to QVC. I couldn’t be bothered to get up and look for batteries and i just watched and watched until i was hooked.
    I started ordering stuff my through my phone, got acquainted with the hosts, designers etc. I now have weekly packages coming. At 30 years old, i am now a QVC addict and proud of it.

  9. Sherry

    I admire your restraint. I am more of a Neiman Marcus shopper myself (Needless Markup) but when ever I tune in I buy something. The salesmanship there is amazing. I like to watch the Kirk’s Folly shows and am sorry they are shutting down. I bought their hair bows as did Neiman Marcus when they were on Fifth Street in New York City when they first started but neither of us had a lot of luck selling them because they were very pricey then. Now I am an eBay addict. I have really been able to find a lot of lovely things there that I would never been able to find otherwise.

  10. I loved this post so much. My Step Mom introducede to the QVC when I was in high school. My Dad worked crazy night shifts and I had insomnia so it was a perfect match. On those days where we couldn’t talk to each other because of her being the other woman and me being a bitchy teenager, we bonded over the the QVC. Thank you for writing this and bringing back some pleasant memories.

  11. Lisa Romano

    I laughed until I cried as I read your post..than I screamed out out IM NOT ALONE!! lol. I started watching QVC about 23 years ago. While I was pregnant and bedridden with my first child. I continued daily 24/7 until my little one got old enough to want Nickelodeon and PBS. the nerve of her. lol needless to say she received a big T.V. With cable for her bedroom. I continued for a couple more years. Than I dove in a ordered something. I was off and running lol. It’s been a love affair ever since. QVC has been with me through all the ups and downs in my crazy life. Bad divorce QVC, tragic car accident QVC. NOW 23 years later. I live a very full life I’m single and on the Board of Directors of a homeless shelter for women and children in Miami, Fl, but my T.V. Is still on QVC 24/7. My friends think I’m crazy, but what they don’t know is if I didn’t watch QVC 24/7 I would be Insane. So thank you for helping me bust open those closet doors. I think your hilarious and I can’t wait to read more from you…Lisa

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks Lisa! You are and I are definitely kindred spirits (as I sit here in my denim and co. tsv top from January 2015 ;o)

  12. Molly

    I thought I was the only one!!!! Im 36 and a mom
    Of 3- lifelong affinity for qvc that has recently ramped up for some reason. I just started dvr’ing the better shows also!! Anyway just thought i would comment and let you know I loved this article and I am wondering if you ordered the Halston faux suede jacket today

  13. Winning Bago

    Your writing is hilarious! I started watching qvc when I was in college, but then got away from it. Then I had a traumatic incident happen to me and I started watching qvc because it makes me feel at ease. I am sure YOU get it. I just ordered a Dennis basso reversible winter coat in black. It makes me happy when I see the ups guy. It makes me happy to see the hosts. I can’t say the same for the cappy depressing news! Thank you for your article!

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