1. There’s just no pleasing these kids, right? Mine cried A LOT as a baby/toddler that I think my hearing (left ear in particular) has been affected. Cried because of gas, hunger, poop, the binky, sleep, no sleep, etc. As a preschooler, I think he cried much less. I guess by that time he has learned to be so terrified of me. LOL. Here’s a virtual glass of wine for you, my friend! (just use your imagination here since I don’t have a way of attaching a photo) ;-))

  2. Mom to two whiners here and like you I truly never realized how much kids could cry until I had two little girls 16 months apart from each other. Seriously, the saddest part is I was reading your list and nodding my head as I truly felt right at home! 😉

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