1. The clean up song from Barney still goes through my head when I’m cleaning. My daughter is 20 and I still know the words. Sadly, she never embraced that particular song!

  2. The only song I know is the Calliou one – it is catchy, even though I DETEST the show. I did a post months ago about my favorite kids’ shows theme songs, but most of them aren’t on anymore. My kids and I reminisce sometimes; they still remember all the words!

  3. Well, I’m clearly too old for this since I don’t know the songs for these shows. However, I remember pretty much living kids music when my girls were little, and I always appreciated music that was good. And why not? Kids appreciate good music as much as adults do — I know this because my girls liked good music on the radio in the car as much as I did!

  4. OMG, Susan! I am *dying* over here!!! Talk about timing– today I wrote a blog post that mentioned my fave kiddie songs, and the Thomas Roll Call is definitely on that list. And, no, I didn’t know what shunting was — or is. But, we live near a train track…should I know this term??? Anyhoo, I didn’t mention Cailou in my post, but, yes, I agree, that is one catchy tune and I do the same: I’m just a huh huh huh, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, ha ha ha ha ha, Caaaaaiiiiiilou”. GREAT post.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      What is the link to your post? Share it here! I just read your post about being a football wife – fascinating to me!! My husband is maybe 125 lbs soaking wet, so I thought it was hilarious that 6′ 6″ and 300 lbs was just average to you!!

  5. I’ve just discovered your (awesomely hilarious) blog via Mommy for Real, and I’m happily enjoying your archives. I’m with you on all if it except Calliou (which is not on my kids’ radar) and am especially fond of the Octonauts! And my husband would totally watch Fireman Sam on his own and may do so when Walking Dead season ends.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Hahaha. There may actually be zombies in Pontypandy considering there are only a handful of humans (computer generated humans) that I have ever seen there. The Octonauts rock!! Glad you found me!

  6. I almost croaked from walking around with a burst appendix for a few days when my daughter was 2. In my crazed, 104 feverish state for a few days the only thing I heard in my head was the Dora theme song. Not sure which was worse, the appendicitis or the song.

  7. Bridget

    Susan, I don’t know if your kids missed The Backyardigans years but that is seriously my favorite show. The theme song is annoying but all of the episodes feature musical theme. Sadly Nick Jr doesn’t air them anymore but the DVDs are super cheap.

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