1. Yeah, I say bring on the plus-sized princess, too. If for no better reason than your #3. Try as Hollywood might to make us believe that size 00 is the norm — newsflash! — it’s not. I hate how every image that doesn’t portray a skinny-minnie is somehow an endorsement of an unhealthy lifestyle. You can be healthy and a size 12…just like you can be one step from sick and be a size 2. Okay. Climbing down from my soap box now…

  2. Jean

    I’d be okay with a plus-sized princess. I really like your 3rd reason up there. Of course, I never gave much thought to the villains all being larger until you mentioned it.

  3. I agree, I wouldn’t mind seeing a plus-sized princess. My daughter LOVES the Disney princesses and I know she’d be happy to see one of any shape and size.

  4. While I have no issue with the idea of a plus sized princess, I would just be happy to see a few Disney women (who aren’t villains or grandmothers) have real life proportions, rather than those touted by Mattel for a Barbie- I mean have you ever SEEN what a woman like that would look like in real life? Ew. Even the perfect specimen type moms you mentioned wouldn’t translate into the figures Disney is shoving down our girls’ throats. No wonder we women have so many issues with body image….

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