1. Amen and bravo! Now if only I can get myself to do the same. Our cable bill just went up after a special year price and I about fell over. I need to pull the plug of think of the savings it will bring me. I’m an 80’s baby and remember the snack races to the kitchen and potty breaks. haha! Great post!!!

  2. Linda Roy

    When my oldest son was little (I’m talking early 2000’s here) I was still working the military bedtime maneuvers to get BOC (LOL) in time for Survivor, but invariably I’d miss the first 20 minutes. No DVR. Reading this brought it all back in one hilarious and slightly post traumatic stream. Thank God I have my technology in place now!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      There can definitely be some trauma involved when you are talking about reality tv and missing 20 whole minutes!

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