1. When I started reading this I thought – “wannabe? Not me, no, I actually like Greek yogurt!” Then I read it. You are right.
    It does make excellent sour cream, though.

  2. Susie Ellis

    Try plain greek yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries (or any berries), sprinkle with granola. That’s my favorite. Love your blogs, Susan!

  3. This made me laugh – a lot. Actually, I am a greek yogurt lover. I can eat it plain, but prefer not to. Why would you, when just a little fruit or sweet syrup can make it taste almost as yummy as ice cream?! My favorite breakfast is greek yogurt with smashed raspberries and sliced almonds mixed in. Sorry, Susan – we share a name but perhaps different tastes in foods! Love this post, though!

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