1. Hey,

    Nice observation skills, I have a niece having same skills as your baby girl. If FBI will start to recruit little girls then it would perform a lot better than it performs now.


    • Susan Maccarelli

      Yep – I figured a lot of these are boy skills too, but my boy is not quite 3 yet and is not quite sharp enough for the feds yet. Cheers!

  2. You make a lot of sense, esp since I have my own little interrogator who breaks my will daily. I will write to my congressman to show my support!

  3. A very good point. My daughter’s pre-school teachers were pretty sure she’d end up in law enforcement. She was very diligent about enforcing the rules among her peers. Oldest child syndrome?

  4. I only have a boy, Susan. The scary thing is, he’s exhibiting most, if not all, of the skills you listed. I’m thinking someone’s spending WAY too much time with Mommy….tsk tsk tsk…..

    • Susan Maccarelli

      The more I think about it, many of the skills could be shown by boys too, my little guy is just not up to par yet.

  5. Stephanie Sprenger

    All so very true… As the mother of two girls, I confirm your research. I had to laugh at the foreign language proficiency bit… 🙂 And I too have gained a vast amount of knowledge from my dozens of viewings of Silence of the Lambs. Wanna have a quote-off? 😀

  6. Also part of their observation skills, little girls would be outstanding in their ability to relate the details of the appearance of suspects. On many occasions when I’m at my kids’ school for one reason or another, a little girl will compliment me on my shoes, purse what have you (“I like your red suede shoes!”). Conversely, little boys barely notice that there’s another person within ten feet of them, much less that said person has on shoes or is carrying a purse.

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