1. There really are so many options out there!

    Glad I don’t need the feminine products any more, yay Diva Cups!

    Also my mother-in-law took me to Costco recently and I’m guilty of buying a huge bottle of adult gummy vitamins.

  2. Going grocery shopping can be such a nightmare. Why are there so many choices. WHY?

    I have had to be dairy-free since January, and every time I go to buy my dairy-free milk I am frozen with indecision. Do I want coconut milk or almond milk? Or how about coconut-almond milk? Original or vanilla? Or sugar-free vanilla? What is does original even mean? Vitamin-fortified or regular? Gah!

  3. Grammy

    How about the diaper aisle and those Gerber kid’s snacks? It’s no wonder grocery stores have to be super-sized these days! And try buying a cold remedy! You’d better be prepared to spend some time in that aisle – reading! Do you need to treat a cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, fever, achiness, all of the above or just a couple of the above? There’s no point in treating conditions you or your kid don’t actually have, but good luck finding just the right combo there. Hope you and your kids stay healthy so these decisions do not need to be made. And how many different shampoos, lotions, soaps – bar and liquid – do there need to be? And how DO you pick just one? Shopping 101 really should be a required course for all students.

  4. Jo

    Why I try to avoid stores all together. Of course, that’s not always possible, but I get in and get out before I can get suckered into the ” new, new and improved, not new and improved not new, not improved but we’re-going-to-charge-more-anyways”. And I’ve ALWAYS wondered how they can say a pet food is improved? Who’s eating this? My dogs? Hell, they’d eat most anything that didn’t eat them first. The cats are a little fussier, but they still don’t jump up and down when I come home with “NEW AND IMPROVED” food. What up???

  5. It always freaks me out when products say… “made with REAL milk or cheese or fill in the blank”

    I mean… what else would it be made with???

    Also I agree with the nipple point… God made girl nipples to give milk… and God did not bless almonds with nipples!!!!

  6. Thanks for the laugh, Susan! I memorize where the products I want to buy are located and then get really annoyed when I come home with whole milk because some clown swapped the whole milk with the fat-free milk. My husband does not understand. “But didn’t you read the LABEL?” he asks with wonder in his voice. No. No I did not. I wanted to get in and get out as quickly as possible, thank you very much!

  7. It is amazing we are able to make it out of a grocery store or drug store with our mind still functioning. I an all for choices but it had gotten out of control! After living in Europe in the early 1990’s I remember going to a market in DC and walking out with a headache and no food. I just couldn’t spend that much time figuring out what to buy. And it had only gotten worse! Great post.

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