Are you someone who understands exactly what it feels like to be Pecked To Death By Chickens? 

The Urban Dictionary defines Pecked to Death by Chickens as: “A steady stream of small, seemingly inconsequential or minor nuisances, which build up over a prolonged period of time and which, eventually, take their toll and exact a heavy price.”

This blog is for parents and spouses who can relate to that definition and have the beak marks to show it.

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Living in an historic old town in Virginia, I am mommy to 2, wife to 1, and CEO of keeping the people in my house alive. I find constant inspiration for Pecked To Death By Chickens, from life’s little annoyances and only started blogging to silence my blog-loving husband’s nagging (read the full story here). Fortunately, my own attention-seeking behavior kicked in pretty quickly after I started blogging.

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If you are a new visitor, you need to meet my family, since they are central to many of the things I write about.

The Boy: Living with a poorly organized playroom, this peanut allergic boy proves the theory that 5 years old is the new 3.

The Girl: She’s a future FBI recruit and was a preschooler with a slight cursing habit.

The Husband: It’s important to know about his inability to decompress into a normal person after a long day at the office, and his tendency to surprise his wife by doing things like riding the mechanical bull at the county fair.  To hear his nose whistle is to love him.

Me: I’m an out of the closet QVC watcher who is uncomfortable talking about private parts using the correct terminology and hate fast food play places.

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