1. I’m horrible with names too! I feel awful when I see moms and I only remember their kid’s name if I’m lucky to remember that. It’s not for lack if interest or trying though.

    Hopefully it will feel good to be known as ‘a writer’ even if its a little surreal at first 🙂

  2. That’s pretty cool! 🙂 I’m bad with names too but great with facial recognition. If I see a face once I’ll recall it wherever. However, a name will take at least 3X of me hearing it said by that person to mentally recall it. I’m always quick to let people know when they introduce themselves that I won’t remember so they won’t take offense when I ask 20000 times. It’s the only way I’ve gotten away with it. I’m HORRIBLE with names and no shame with that, that’s just my weak point *shrug* Have a great one Susan! -Iva

  3. Haha. Loved “this must be how J.K. Rowling feels.” That’s a good game to play. I’ll have to remember that for future kids’ birthday parties I take Z too.

  4. courtneyconover

    Shit, I’m right there with you. Now, don’t commit a crime in front of me, because I will be able to pick your ass out in a line-up due to my impeccable recognition.

    But if you ask me to recite your name — like, literally a beat or two after I meet you, well, just don’t even ask me because I won’t know.

    The absolute worst is when I am forced to introduce said person to The Hubs or someone else I’m with, and I’m all like, “Babe, this is…?” and then I make a desperate attempt to save face by introducing The Hubs to the other person FIRST and hope and pray that the person volunteers their name. (Fingers crossed.)

  5. I am one hour into chaperoning a school trip on which one of the other parents needs a business writer for a project – right now! An actual lead! And I cannot remember whether he is Steve, Jim, or Dave. I have a day or two to figure it out. I’m thinking I’ll just shout “Steve” at some point and see who turns around.

  6. I can memorize students’ names on the first day of class–but only in the classroom. The second they step out the door, all bets are off. Actually, I can usually remember the names the whole school year–it’s adult names I have a problem with! I’m working on this. It’s not easy.

  7. YES! So happy I’m not the only one! The best was when I introduced myself to a mom at my daughter’s school and she reminded me we chatted for a considerable amount of time at a mom’s dinner out. So I guess I’ve got the name and face thing! LOL!

  8. Right with you on the names conundrum. I’ve given up and relegated everyone I address to an assortment of Hons, Honeys, and Sweeties.

    And the writer thing? If you’re like me, you tell yourself you’re everything else EXCEPT a writer. But the truth is that you ARE a writer…Hon. 😉

  9. Oh yeah, I am TERRIBLE at adult names. I am much better with kid names, sibling names, even remembering how I met people. . .but adult names? Forget it. I once stashed a school directory in my purse for an evening out. Visiting through #typeaparent.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Triple Z – I used to use our directory like Cliffs notes before going into Jr. League meetings in my younger days. My motto was ‘if in doubt, call her Jennifer’.

  10. julesmae

    Yes, it takes me awhile to catch on to names. I don’t know why. It’s like my brain doesn’t think they are all that important to the task at hand. People tell me their names, but I don’t really hear them. I have to ask them again, like, only seconds after them saying it the first time. This, after having paused and told myself to actively remember their name, say it back to them, relate it to something else in my life – and all of that jazz. It’s work!! 😛

  11. You are totally famous!

    “Hey you!” Is my standard greeting for those who appear to know me but I’ve never seen them in my life. But I remember EVERYONE I’ve ever met. Name, address, phone number fromm1985. Yeah, it’s weird.

  12. I’m a teacher and a big part of my job is to know the names of my students. This year I have 200 of them. I used to be very good at it, but some names just don’t stick. So I use strategies to avoid and when they are doing presentations and jot down things like ‘curly head’ or ‘pointed nose’. I have a little notebook for that and I guard it with my life. And I can’t help but thinking some names just don’t ‘match’ their owners! My parents are teachers too and my dad tells me that if he meets an ex-student whose name he doesn’t remember, he always asks: ‘what was your name again’? and when people are answering by their first name (the one you need) he adds: ‘yes, I did know that, I meant your last name…’
    But hey, you’re a writer! Many of them don’t even go by their own names! 😀

  13. I have a friend that can NOT ONLY remember your name, but the names of your kids, their birthdays, and what you ordered for lunch three weeks ago. He told me that his trick was to say their name out loud immediately after meeting them.

    “Oh, hi Matilda… It’s so nice to meet you!”

    But apparently it only works if you get their name right when you repeat it back. Trust me, you’re not alone. 😉

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