1. Dang, Susan! I would’ve wanted to co-sponsor this contest with you, not cos I love these ‘supermoms’ but cos I want to hunt them down, bwaahhahaha! Kidding aside, there’s so much out there that makes me feel inadequate as a mom and I’m just glad that with this post, somehow, I feel less alone in my semi-slacker mode. I hope I’m not offending the supermoms out there / commenters above. I commend you guys, really I do! :-))

  2. menopausalmother

    I like the “Advanced Bento Box”, hahaha! Speaking of which, I’d give an award to someone to make me one of those.

  3. Do I get extra point for taking said Bento Box Lunch-making supplies (an ambition that lasted less than a week) and flipping/selling them to some other delusional….I mean AMBITIOUS mom for a fraction of what I paid for them? Just checkin’

  4. And I just learned that a Bento Box lunch is the new thing – for real. Guess I pick C – a ploy to make moms feel bad about themselves! Glad everyone else was packing pb and j like me, when my kids were small. Wonder how many allergic kids we sent into anaphylactic shock!
    Congrats on having a preschooler Susan – you will be surprised how fast the years go by!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks Susan. My son is actually peanut allergic, so i respect the peanut thing, but i still get that it is annoying as hell — mainly because I love me some PB&J.

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