1. Great post, Susan. Yeah, that’s one thing all the books on motherhood never told me: That shopping for kiddie shoes — especially for a son who has large (size 8 at 30 months!) XXW Fred Flintstone feet can be a bey-otch. I just end up caving and buying Stride Rite and New Balance…all of his sneakers are New Balance. I don’t have the fight in me to even try to look elsewhere. :-/

  2. Stephanie Sprenger

    Ugh, the arduous task of shoe shopping with children! Those tips are great, and here’s my secret to shoe success: Find a friend with one child who buys more expensive shoes than you ever would, whose child is 6 months older and a little taller, and take all her hand-me-downs. We now have the most wonderful, expensive kid shoes for our 2 yo. Of course we would have never bought them for ourselves, so… And who cares that they’re a little banged up? 😉 Good luck!

  3. Great tips! Luckily my 2 year old loves shoes…so we are good in this category. Glad I found your blog at the SITS Sharefest. Happy Saturday!

  4. I have to tell you!!! Admit to you actually… I bought the first pair of toddler shoes for my little girl without trying them on her. She had just learned to walk and wouldn’t sit!!! SO I grabbed them and just got her home. Every time I put them on her she cried and whined. But I persisted, and she gave in. I put the resistance down to her being strong-willed. Well, after a few weeks of her wearing her new shoes, for some reason, I stuck my hand inside the little shoe – OMG!!! The paper wad was still in the shoe!!! I just had to tell you that! Julia

  5. Staci

    I know this post is almost two years old, but my sister’s kids have similar feet to your son and she went with Clark’s for nice wide shoes. Not all styles fit still because of the height of their feet, but generally something would. However, like you she has found a cheaper route – payless seems to frequently have shoes that work for them as well now. I found the perfect shoe for my daughter for $14 at Nike in Portland. For whatever reason I can only find them in Portland. I bought two pair when I was there last year and now wish I’d bought more! I learned my lesson on buying in bulk!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      He is 4 now, and still has wide feet! His current shoes are from payless and the velcro strap and build of the shoe makes them nicely adjustable. Thanks for reading!

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