1. Since I know you fairly well and identify 100% with the pecked to death sensation, I look forward to watching your blog develop over time. Good luck with your efforts to nip some of the pecking in the bud. Hope it works!

  2. JO

    Very cute. Wish I knew how to do it. I’d lambaste a lot of things. My big chicken…..people who drive in the LEFT lane, going slower than the RIGHT lane. If you WANT to go slower, fine, but get the “eff” out of my way!!! lol Ike and I call them FLLH. _____left lane huggers – fill in the first word as you see fit.

  3. Jean

    Laughed myself to tears and was wheezing! Mom being pecked to death all these years, Dad sighing, stink-eyed chicken beheading, and bear poop. Too funny! Loved it!

  4. This was an interesting read! I’ve been intrigued by your blog name and now I know what it means. It was awesome of your husband to set everything up for you, because the learning curve is steep!

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