1. Jo

    Oh my. Whereas I don’t care for Clementine’s, I do like Halos. Are they the same? They aren’t so pretentious to come in a box. Just a cute little bag that can be reused for suet for the birds.

    • Halos are a brand of clementines basically. They’re essentially the same as Cuties. But at least in my experience, the Halos aren’t always seedless and Cuties tend to be seedless. I do love these, especially for my kids, because they don’t have seeds (compared to oranges). But I agree the crate’s a little silly.

      P.S. Just found your Beyond the Blog podcast and site and LOVE it. It’s so helpful and informative!

      • Susan Maccarelli

        Thanks and welcome! Join us on the Beyond Your Bloggers Facebook group if you like, where we talk about submitting writing and share our posts on other sites. Cheers!

  2. Where on earth do you buy them in wooden crates? I’ve only ever seen them in bags here! (I’m in MT.) I have to confess, my 5 year old loves them (I think because they’re just his size) but I never buy them. It’s always at family’s houses or they’re given as gifts. But I agree… I like them, but I don’t think they taste any different than a tangerine or a sweet orange.

  3. Jill

    Oh Susan, Susan, Susan. I clicked this post because I was one in the outraged WTF has she just said camp. I LOVE my Clementines or Cuties or whatever they call them. They are sunishiny goodness. I’m going to buy a couple of CRATES (that’s right, wood baby) and eat several in your honor. Because I have to have like seven or eight to make one serving of fruit.

  4. I’m right there with you – I’d much rather eat a large ass orange that 4 teeny tiny clementines. But I think the appeal for kids (and moms probably too) is that those suckers are easy to peel and don’t leave all that stringy stuff around. I, for one, enjoy any food my kids eat that I don’t have to clean up after.

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