1. Found you through SITSgirls. Great and hilarious post!
    I love Craigslist and all these random posts make for some fun. Still confused about the diapers! Haha personal favorite: cat with missing spots. Goes to show the importance of punctuation.

  2. Carrie From Carrie This Home

    My hubby and I chuckle at Cragslist a lot. It’s really sad how a lot of people don’t know how to spell and write. But at least it provides a little entertainment!

  3. Rachel G

    Definitely gave me some giggles! I had no idea that wet diapers could be a commodity and I’m wondering if my husband would take a fish tank in exchange for putting in a new water pump…hmmm….

  4. courtneyconover

    Dammit! I absolutely HATE butting my money down the drain — especially by purchasing diapers. (“Butting money”…diapers…the puns are endless here! lol)

    But first let’s rewind and visit the gift that is that mechanic listing. Thank God the mechanics around here accept MONEY because I don’t have a remote-less Wii or crabs.

    Also, that guy needs to be schooled on run-on sentences.

  5. LOL!! Oh my goodness. The stuff people write on Craigslist. I generally avoid it these days but I’ve found some real doozies in the past. This makes me want to check out my local one again.

  6. Only certain beers get better with age and I don’t think that one qualifies as one of those beers, lol. I’d love to see what happens to whomever drinks that beer. 🙂 Happy Friday Susan! -Iva

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