1. All gems, Susan. Wow! Think I laughed hardest at the boa ad. A years worth of rats … and the little 5.5 ft. reptile comes with a SMALL tank – no wonder he’s worried that this creature will eat his precious little puppies! Can’t be a happy boa living in such cramped quarters. LOL

  2. Hot girls get all the good deals. If I was hot, I would take the free washer and dryer, but I’d need frozen rats and a semi-working toilet thown in…

    Have a great weekend Susan! Thanks for making me laugh! Julia

  3. Don’t know what to say. People are amazing. You will absolutely need tongs to tough those thongs! There must be some underground Chewbacca club in the United States. Only explanation.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Jhanis – based on your caricature you are at LEAST worthy of a stackable W/D if not a full set! You are right – people can’t dicriminate on age, race or sex, so why can they discriminate on hotness?? Thanks for visiting!

  4. courtneyconover

    You do know I have been waiting with bated breath all week for this post, just to see if you were able to spread more Chewbacca cheer, right? lol

    The childcare/tattoo listing. Yikes. But as crazy as that listing is, how much you want to bet that someone — somewhere — probably called her?

    Let’s hope this doesn’t become a story on Nancy Grace. And I’m only semi-joking here…

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