1. Courtney Conover

    “Werid” Creepy Cool Clown looks likes he could be “up to thangs,” as our girl Wendy would say.

    And who the F@#% even possess an alligator claw to sell in the first place?

    Oh, Rhode Island, how do you pack all of this “werid-ness” in one tiny state?

  2. Sarah (est. 1975)

    BAHAHA! I wouldn’t pay 10 cents for that creepy ass clown thing that looks like it maybe smells like cat pee.

    Also, is it wrong that I kind of want that cat litter credenza?

    • Susan Maccarelli

      It isn’t wrong. I totally want that litter box furniture. It is like your cat is in the stockades when they are using that. Every house should have one – cat or no cat.

  3. Does that alligator claw come with 3 wishes and a curse? I have something similar to that cat box/furniture thing–I just cut a hole in a cheap cabinet I have in my bathroom. Had no idea there was a market for that sort of thing–tho I’m not at all convinced there is.

  4. The “ring for bike” ad; it appears that he did find his right woman if she is willing to trade her ring for a bike to go riding with him. Why else the “we”? (I know, could be the newbie getting rid of the ustawuzies things.)

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