1. Does no one clean anything?! Ever?! Even when they’re trying to sell it?!!

    I really hesitated to click on this because of the “I can’t unsee that.” Too late.

  2. Hi Susan! You found me on Facebook so I stopped by to take a look and oh my gosh, this is the first post I ran across. I can’t follow you quick enough. Hi-larious. Love your sense of humor. I forwarded a craigslist listing to my family recently I had found for a guy wanting to give people free advice. Thanks for the laugh — can’t wait to read more! — Erin from http://www.itallmattersmom.com

  3. I love these! I have a photo of a potty chair from a plantation in GA from the 1830s (set up behind a screen in the corner of the master bedroom–an early master bathroom, I guess?).

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