1. Tampa did not disappoint! We lived there, that’s why I suggested it. I am still laughing over breast milk for sale and Avon marketing. Oh man I do have some sweet memories from Tampa that may or may not involve a naked man, a gun and three strangers banging on my door at 3 am.

  2. Did you by any chance get the number of cocky’s owner? I have a joke for him.
    Why did the rooster cross the road- to avoid getting stuffed and given away on Craiglist. You think he would choose me? LMAO

  3. Courtney Conover

    While I don’t have an itchy horse, there is a family of toads in the backyard that would do well with a proper moisturizer. Hmmmm. I wonder if this would work for them?

    Secondly, I didn’t even notice the misspelling of the word “bowl,” and I’m chalking that up to the fact that since I have been in potty training mode for the last month with Scotty, I — quite literally — ALWAYS have bowels on the brain.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Glad you enjoyed. I don’t have to be funny at all with this treasure trove at my disposal — they do all the work :o)

  4. These never fail to disappoint. I’m constantly amazed by the weird people in the world – but they would probably think I was strange too. I shudder to think what you would find in our local Craigslist ads.

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