1. Courtney Conover

    I was wondering if you had already dipped your toe — or ended up diving in head first — into the relocation waters. This post is awesome. (I’m going to share on Twitter, after I comment on this…)

    Mmmmmmm, McDonald’s breakfast…and I’ve got about 40 minutes before they switch over to lunch.

    You do know what I’m thinking, right?


    • Susan Maccarelli

      Hahaha. My husband and I are #2’s all the way (sausage mcmuffin) and my kids share a hot cakes and sausage. MMmmmmm. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Glad to know I didn’t need an extra year of Spanish to still not know anything. The Spanish my husband learned in a 2 week Spanish for Law Enforcement Course was far my useful than my 3 years.
    Moving sucks. This was hysterical.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I’ll need to ask you a few questions to confirm that you are indeed Poppy and not Tammy. This little photo snafu is not fooling anyone. Actually I was showing up as my husband in gravatar world the other day and he had to fix something, but I have no idea what it was!

  3. I was just telling my husband that we needed to move again so we could get rid of some of our JUNK! But now you have me rethinking…

  4. Haha, hilarious post! This just reminded me of all the fun I have to look forward to next month! I will be moving for the first time in four years (after having moved five times in six years), and the first time with a little one in tow. Stopping by from Sharefest.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Good luck with your move! We are finally starting to dig out from the boxes…Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Haha, I love it! We made a big move almost four years ago prior to having kids (I was pregnant though). We lived on McDonald’s and Pizza for the first week. All I can remember is the PILES of boxes and STUFF everywhere. Is it bad we still have two boxes unopened stored in a linen cupboard?! Thank you for linking up for Mummy Mondays with The Multitasking Mummy
    # Team MM.

  6. This is all SO familiar and fresh in my mind since we just moved too….it is also making me crave a Blizzard. We had toys that disappeared for 6 months because the toy boxes somehow ended up in storage instead of our rental house. Lemme tell ya, the kids played with Legos for WEEKS when we found that box. I think I’m going to start hiding all of their “quiet toys” and making them magically reappear weeks later.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      There is something magical in making toys disappear and then reappear. They don’t even have to be new toys! I used to rotate the toys in and out and it worked really well, but have not got into that routine yet in the new house. Still not unpacked! I want a blizzard too now.

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