1. I was not much of a curser when Hailey was little but still replaced the random swear word with silly things like heavens to murgatroid or jumping jellyfish while explaining that profanity is a the sign of a weak mind trying to express itself- bet you saw that teenage eye roll all the way there didn’t you? Now that she is a mom, even though her little man is an infant I’m hearing a whole lot of “son of a batch of cookies”! Makes me laugh, although the worst thing she did at church was loudly ask why they let the monkey talk when she wasn’t aloud to talk. The monkey was our pastor.

  2. That’s pretty mild. I told Tamara the other day how our daughter used the word d*ck but luckily no one understood her – that didn’t stop me from blushing like a ripe tomato though. Just pray it doesn’t get worse from there. And yes, we had to curb our language too!

  3. I went to a catholic school all my life (like in REALLY all my life – I still teach in one) and the worst vocabulary I have learned in my life was exactly there. Two options here: maybe by kids like your daughter or maybe she didn’t pick up the worst yet and then you’re in for some fun next year 😀

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Maybe she will teach me some new things. Ugh! She’ll only be in Episcopal school for preschool and then to public school, so maybe she won’t be there long enough to learn too much…we’ll see!

  4. HAHAHHA. Great post. I think this means that my 16 month old who says “peppa (pig)” mamma, pappa, whats that, and kitty is in trouble since her newest word is S(*&. And I swear I literally said it once when I fell down the stairs is in trouble?

  5. SAM

    I’ve been saying “bd words” since I was 5….be very careful Susan – very careful she may grow up with parts of my personality!! YIKES

  6. I have 4 boys and know very well about all of which you speak! Now that they are grown, it’s out of my control, and I know I did not teach them many of the things they come out with now!

  7. My nephew of about the same age uses the f-bomb freely in reference to his 8 year old brother when my daughter babysits. My kids are 13 and 15 and we have this conversation a lot. Their friends curse like sailors and at certain points in my life, I have as well. Now, it’s reserved for times of “best usage” and they know this rule and follow it fairly well. It will get a lot worse than taking the Lord’s name in vain, I’m sorry to say. Sounds like you are on top of it, though, which a lot of people aren’t, so kudos to you for that.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I’m not sure if I’m on top of it, but thanks for the vote of confidence! I am hoping we are safe from any f-bombs for a while since I think we reserve it for when they are not around for the most part, but I guess we’ll see.

  8. Loved this, reminds me of my children, who pick up on words and now tell me of for saying a ‘square’ word, usually shit! Although my youngest, 2.5yo, doesn’t he just copies me and says oh shit oh shit whenever I do! Thanks so much for linking 🙂

  9. Courtney Conover

    Oh, Susan. At least it looks like you’ll be home free once you get the language situation under control. Hell, Scotty and I left his playgroup class early today when Mr. Can’t Sit Still was being disruptive during circle and story time. (I am so pissed about this.)

    Anyway, report back on the status of your language replacement program. I could use a bit of that, too.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      My son will be 3 in September and will NEVER sit still for story time unless it is on my lap at bedtime. I can’t imagine a day when he will and it concerns me when I see other obedient children his age, but I think some kids (especially boys) just need to mature into it.

  10. Sarah (est. 1975)

    There was a loud car accident of the crashy noisy kind outside my kid’s Catholic school, so obviously he shouted “WHAT THE HELL!?”


    • Susan Maccarelli

      See, and I think that is perfectly justified…yet hilarious. I bet the nuns secretly thought it was funny!

  11. As a Catholic preschool teacher, I can assure you – we’ve heard a BUNCH. And it’s all good, because all this stuff has come out of my kids’ mouths, too. When I was little, I threw out a full on, “Jesus Christ!” when I was yelling at my dad. He couldn’t say anything at all b/c that was his go-to phrase.

  12. Ahahaha. Oh, they SO pick up on what we say or even what we don’t.

    My daughter’s been with my ILs for a bit for the first time away from us for an extended period of time (she’s 7) and apparently they were playing a game and she responded Damn to my mil. Love it, right?

    Sigh. They just seem to get the words. Although to her the “s” word is stupid. So we’re good with that!! 😉

    • Susan Maccarelli

      My in-laws are coming tomorrow, so I am bracing for what happens, though she has not cursed in a few days, so I’m hoping that it blows over…

  13. My youngest (4) is the sailor in our family. He uses sh*t and da**it all the time-correctly in context! I am working on adjusting my swear words of choice to dagnabbit and shucky-darn. Maybe he’ll catch on…

  14. Too funny. I love the compromise w/ your husband. That is a great idea. And happy birthday to your daughter. Mine turns four at the end of August. She sounds similar to your daughter, always materializing just as you curse and somehow knowing the power of each four-letter word.

  15. dltolley

    Heehee! Love this post! Dropped by after a shout out from Susan F. and I think I’ll stay! We’re not much for swearing around our house either. I had this discussion with some of our grandkids just yesterday and we came up with some creative alternatives. Good Gravy! stands out.

  16. LOVE THIS POST. I am so bad, I curse all the time in front of our son and he picked up some pretty bad ones.. He says them at perfect moments at home and in the car…only sh^t at preschool. I fear he will let loose in kindergarten…I have to watch myself more. Happy Saturday Sharefest.

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