1. I thought you might like to know that we are bathroom drawer twins, except I have a strange and unholy devotion to OPI in which I can snoop in other people’s bathroom drawers and say, “Oooh Mermaid Tears and Susie Loves Cowboys, anything since 2011 in here?”

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I have a friend who could do that, but with the older ones…Jewel of India and I’m not really a waitress for example. So funny! Mine are probably mostly pre-2011, but i may have a few newer.

  2. I confess! I’ve never heard of the Dollar Shave Club–it could be because I live in a cave, or because I live in Holbrook (or maybe it’s because I don’t have cable?). Thanks for making me laugh though–I can relate to the old medicines and the stash of hotel samples ;).

  3. That video is the second weirdest thing I’ve seen today. Never heard of them. I have so many questions. One is, does sunscreen expire? Because I do the same thing. Each year, being pasty white, I assume I need more sunscreen, and the ones from the previous year just hang around losing SPF (maybe).

  4. courtneyconover

    I am guilty of all of this. Oh, and add to the mix an array of very expensive hair protein treatments that are sold in the form of tiny glass vials. I’m not even kidding, yesterday I found one that dates back to — gulp — 2004.

    And I *almost* considered using it…until one of my bloggy friends who is a esthetician, talked me out of it. (That misstep may have led to baldness, so thank God I heeded her advice. :-/

    But check out her recent post on sunscreen. (Which was apparently written for our benefit.):

    • Susan Maccarelli

      that is an informative article! I can’t believe the truck driver photo where the one side of his face is way more sun damaged – that is crazy! I want to know what he is doing to the other side of his face because it looks pretty damn smooth for 69!

      • Susan, I’m betting he did nothing to the other side of his face. Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s which is why the tend to age slower than us….dang them!

        This post is hilarious and obviously Dollar Shave Club has exquisite taste! We redid our bathroom last summer so it got a deep clean. I do however have a butt load of skin and hair care products!

    • Courtney, you sweetie pie! Thank you for your kind words! What a pleasant surprise for me to happen upon! I am certain you would look just as sexy bald but it would just get awkward when you would be singing Whip Your Hair!

  5. cleaning…the bane of my existence. I never fear looking under my bathroom sink, cause i pay the teens $20 every other week to thoroughly clean the bathroom. the rest of the time i lysol surfaces. 😀 thankfully hubby is really good at checking expiration dates monthly otherwise i would surely be in jail now for killing one of the kids with expired mortrin or benadryl.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      lysol-ing surfaces is pretty much the extent of my surface cleaning — except i use the clorox wipes so i don’t even have to spray a surface. lazy in a can.

  6. I am an admitted hotel sample hoarder. I bring them all home, but then forget to use them! Twice a year I gather them up and donate them to the local mens/women’s shelter – they love them! Have a great Easter Weekend!

  7. We don’t have a shoe polish kit or many samples cuz for some reason I never go anywhere, but I know I have 3 open bottles of ibuprofen in the cupboard. Why? I have no idea. And my nail polish collection is out of control, I find a sale and I go a little out of control, and I rarely go through them, so half of them are clumpy and gross. How fast can you use 200 nail polishes? Not fast enough to keep them from getting gross. 😀 I am pretty sure we have the same sunscreen issue going on in my bathroom.
    Stopping by from SITS!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks for stopping by! They should make nail polish bottles big enough for 2 applications and that’s it. hey could be 50 cents. Ibuprofin just multiplies in the cabinet I think. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Love this – I just cleaned out my bathroom cabinets this week and found nine unused bottles of hand sanitizer. Nine! I’m either a sanitary wanna-be, or too disorganized to remember the hand sanitizer when I go somewhere. Or both.

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