1. courtneyconover

    This, Susan, made me cry. But in a good way. Bravo, girlfriend. We should all be so lucky to be to our children what Momina means to you…

    “She gave me a mile and I only took an inch.” One of the best lines ever.

    Oh, and I call my mom either “Mama O” (her name is Orvetta; like Corvette) or “Orveetta Mamacita” (that’s a long e in Orveetta, unlike the short e in her first name.) While the reason for Mama O is fairly obvious, I have no idea where I came up with Orveeta Mamacita.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks! Orvetta is an awesome name – AWESOME! IS there anyone else alive with that name?? I love your nicknames for her.

      • courtneyconover

        Ask my mom and she will tell you no, she is, apparently the only one. She SO laments that her twin — and her two older sisters who are also twins — all have names that begin with L. My mom, however, was named after her paternal grandmother, who was 100% Algonquin Indian (a tribe of approximately 8,000 that still exists in Canada today.) My mom has learned to accept her name, but still dislikes it because people have butchered it for decades: Corvetta, Ophelia, you name it. They’ve called her everything but Orvetta.

        I love Momina, though. I’ll have to look up that Cosby episode because I don’t remember that one…We have the box set of The Cosbys (with every single episode), so I’ll have to re-watch that one as a refresher…

        • Susan Maccarelli

          I was trying to find that Cosby episode clip to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it all, but I remember it pretty clearly. Orvetta is an awesome name!

  2. I like Momina. I think I especially like how you came up with it. My mother is called ‘moeke’ (in English it must be something like ‘moo – kuh’.) It’s quite a common way to call your Mom here, although it wasn’t where I grew up, so there were never extra special nicknames. I think the meaning of ‘moeke’ has become deeper and richer as the years passed by. My sister and I decided to leave it that way for our kids to call her (our boys are only two months apart). So now ‘moeke’ is also used for her role as grandmother. It suits her so well.

  3. Susan, this was incredible. What an amazing Mom you have, and what an example! The wooden spoon! We had one in my house! And this is so true of my Mom too: “It’s the way she never wanted to be anything but a mom and enjoyed it way more than is normal.” YES! This explains it all. You turned into an amazing person, writer, encourager and Mom because of HER.

    My Mom is just “Mom,” but to my kids she is “Big Grandma” (much to her chagrin). One of her sisters-in-law is “Gaebow,” now that’s a COOL Grandma name – but she got “Big Grandma” sheerly for the fact that she’s (quite) a bit taller than my 4’9″ MIL, who gets “Little Grandma.” To anyone else at 5’6″ she’s thin, svelte & petite – yet the “Big Grandma.” It has stuck.

    I’ve had a Mother’s Day post brewing since the weekend, you totally inspired me to put it up today. Thank you for eschewing etiquette (I try not to but somehow always do), you can see it here: http://theeasternbay.com/the-mother-of-all-holidays/

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Big grandma — too funny! I’m so glad you posted your Mother’s Day post! I am off to read it now :o)

  4. Excellent post, Susan! I love your Momina’s approach to things and she sounds totally awesome. I’d say you’re both very lucky and blessed to have each other. You – because you had such a patient, trusting, honest and loving mom; and Your Mom – because you had an excellent head on your shoulders. She gave you a mile and you only took an inch. That’s pretty amazing and wonderful. 😀

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks Jhanis. My mom did read it and said she had a tear in her left eye. That amused me.

  5. This was so perfect! I find myself having so many ah ha moments of the realization of why my mom did what she did when I was growing up and how pretty darn cool I am for it. Hopefully she watching down on me thinking I’m setting the awesome foundation for my amazing little beans.

    ….btw over at Undone to Unleashed, I’m chatting about using Mother’s Day as an opportunity for Me Time 😉 http://www.tiedyedheart.com/unleashed/2014/4/29/me-time-mothers-day-challenge

  6. Your mother sounds wonderful 🙂 Mine is definitely full of love but she’s a special character. I still haven’t decided what to get her or do for her on Mother’s day but we’ll see. I’m never lacking creativity so I’ll come up with something. 🙂 Hope you and your momina have a wonderful Mother’s Day and take care Susan! -Iva

  7. This is such a beautiful post, and your mom sounds like an amazing woman! Never heard the term Momina before, but I guess that’s what makes your relationship with her special.

  8. Susan- what a great tribute to your momina! My teens call me mambo and I don’t really know where it came from! Love the wooden spoon reference. My mom always had “the stick” but I don’t think she ever actually spanked us with it – just lots of threats! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  9. My Mom passed away one year ago. This is a very special tribute to your Mom. Momina sounds very special and I kind of loved that honest moment there. LOL. Treasure her because honestly time together is shorter than you ever think. My heart is missing my Mom this year.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I’m so sorry about that Paula. I have read so many mom-themed posts this week about mom’s here and gone and it made me appreciate my mom all the more. Thanks for commenting and I hope your heart finds a soft place to rest this weekend.

  10. This is beautiful and I admire your Momina so! My mom has always been my hero! She grew up in Germany with a war going on. Been in a couple of concentration camps. Has some dreadful childhood memories but is the strongest, sweetest,funniest, non-judgmental woman I know!

  11. I just got to read this today, Susan, after you posted it in the Mamapedia FB page. What a love-filled, heartwarming post! It’s one thing to love our parents, but it’s another and I think far more amazing, to actually LIKE them. Your Momina sounds amazing, especially with being trusting. I wish I could be like her. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mom this coming Sunday! xoxo

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