1. This happens to me ALL THE TIME!! It’s so irritating. Why is it always the good dreams that I can’t quite remember? When I have dreams about going to school without pants or taking an exam I didn’t study for I remember those with perfect clarity. But the time I get to make out with Ryan Gosling? Gone. I once read that the lady who wrote Twilight got her idea from a dream. I could have million dollar ideas rolling around in there and have no idea. But probably not…

  2. Lucid dreams are awesome. I heard somewhere (probably Pinterest) that there is some natural chemical in apples that helps you have vivid dreams, so of course I had to try it. I used to drink a tall glass of apple cider before bed, and sure enough it worked.

    I’m not sure if the placebo effect works for dreams, but while I continued my apple cider experiment I had very vivid and lucid dreams, and often dreamed of spending time with my father, who had recently passed. It was really cool.

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