1. This cracked me up. I love the pic of beer chillin’ in the sink. And I’m pretty sure your reasons for not having baths may have permanently put me off baths. If you feel like it, check out: 7 Minutes in Tahiti: Fending off your own Meltdown ( it’s on my site) It talks about a sanity saving technique we can all use…

  2. I love this! My kids are a bit older and I still find the need to hide from them sometimes. Along the same lines, the grocery store (without them along) is sort of like a vacation getaway for me.

  3. LOL! I’ll confess that I’ve stayed in until my Candy Crush lives run out. The kids…they come aknockin.’ I do, however, enjoy a bubble bath, and have been known to seal my phone in a ziploc bag so it can go with me and I can have access to social media.

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