1. I love a pixie cut, but you have to have the right face for it- good jaw and so forth. As you have this genetic blessing of good bone structure, it might be hard for you to judge if it would work out as well for the poor heart shaped faces and other odd types like me! I have always wanted a pixie cut – oh, and here is one more for your list: Michelle Williams (the actress) and everything she does is stylishly perfect in a very Brooklyn Heights sort of way. Anyway, that was a fun read, but I am at chin length and my husband is already weeping tears of sorrow so the pixie may not have its day with me!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Hahaha! I recall you have perfect waves – If I had those, I would probably keep it longer to show that off. It probably isn’t the most flattering for everyone, but it has its other benefits – haha!

  2. My mom sports a pixie-cut and she is dying for me to cut my hair the same way. I tried it twice: the first time I didn’t have a choice (I was 5) and everyone referred to me as a boy. The second time around when I was 18 (I think?) and I didn’t like how I looked. As Leslie said, you have to have the right face shape for it.
    Other than that, I like long hair for myself, and the layered style.

  3. Jo

    My husband wants to know how many idiosyncrasies have been handed down from my Mother to your mom and myself, to you and your sister? Reading Us in the bathroom…yup…do you put dirty dishes IN the sink or ON the counter? This has been a bone of contention between me and my other half. When you put cups/glasses in the cupboard are they right side up? or upside down? Mine are upside down – the direction of the handle has never been an issue, but they always seem to go to the right ( maybe because I’m right handed). My son and I read while we’re eating. Another one of those “bones of contention”. Just curious…..

  4. Oh dammit, I yearn to chop off my locks! I had the guts to do the pixie cut when I was pregnant and gosh, I never regretted it – but two years down the line? I grew it out and now, i am afraid that if I cut it, my thin wisps which I hide in a pony tail might become thin wisps desperately trying to cover my scalp. Yikes.

    But you’ve got a solid case going for it. The shortest I’ve cut it in recent times is enough to tie it up!

    I keep thinking I’ll cut it reallllly short when I am 40….and then i realize I am going to be 51 next week! Hmph!

    p.s. Oh my Gosh! That popup with the never-miss-a-post scared me to death! 🙂 thank heavens i am covered!

  5. You rock the mom cut! I did the same things when I was a mother of young kids. I chopped off my hair and ditched the make-up–how can you rub your face in baby when you’re covered in lipstick and hairspray?

  6. As always a funny and well written post. I had a pixie cut a few years back and found it to require much more attention from the hairstylist. My hair grows so fast I had to go back for a trim every 2-3 weeks to keep the shape. However, this is one my favorite cuts on women and it is always in style.

  7. And you look so fab! I last cut my hair short when I was caught with an unexpected pregnancy less than a year after a return to work from maternity leave. I was hoping my co-workers wouldn’t notice my stomach if they were looking at my hair. But it was kid three and it didn’t really work. I was showing on about day 10.

  8. About once a year an intense urge washes over me to chop off my hair. (Not Brittany Spears style, but an actual pixie cut, which I’ve never done before.) I’ve been hovering in this “I-just-might-do-it” realm for a few weeks now, so this post might be enough to push me over the ledge.

    I mean, if 46% of my edginess can automatically be restored with one hair cut, what’s holding me back?

  9. This is so great! I am not a mom, but I just chopped off my hair this month and I LOVE IT! Though some of the infant-grabbing and toy-resisting does not specifically apply to me, it has been a tremendous time saver and other people, including my wisely-selected husband, have embraced it and even told me they liked it. I wrote about The Big Chop on my blog: http://makingmindfulness.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-latest-big-chop-donating-my-hair.html Thanks for the fun and funny post! : ) I look forward to reading more of your work!

  10. I had a pixie cut for several years post college and into grad school and I loved it – despite the teasing from my younger siblings that I looked like a boy. They often called me “Peter Pan.” I met my husband with my pixie and even though my hair has been through all sorts of colors and lengths since then, he still fondly recalls that short hair. And you’re right – it’s so bad ass! Instant edge and chic.

  11. You look great in this haircut. I used to have short hair, and I know I will again. Right now I’m 47 and I feel like this is my last chance to have long hair, plus I think my hubby has a bit of a hair fetish :)! I do miss the days of quick hair styling though.

  12. adrianscrazylife

    I’ve got a pixie cut too. I keep thinking I’d like to be done with it, but I hate the idea of letting it grow out. It is easier to manage. #SITSsharefest

  13. Haha! I loved reading this post. I think you look great. The shape of my face can’t support an edgy pixie cut plus I had a bad attempt to pixie-lize my hair from an inexperienced stylist(?) when I was a teenager and have been marred for life by it!

  14. I love your hair and think it looks great on you. I support everything you said 100%, I did it too. The only thing I didn’t like was the too frequent trips to the salon to keep it trimmed. But, this kinda inspires me to try it again …. we’ll see.

  15. Love short hair and love your pixie! I’ve always gone for a modified pixie because my face is too round to go for t he real thing like yours. But I can’t say enough good things about this cut and I’m glad to say that my hubby thinks I look better with short than long hair. Bonus points for him! haha! And you’re right about the bath cleaning and looking like a badass! Esp. here in the south, where majority of the women go for long hair, I think it makes me stand out more and make me a bit more memorable. Good or bad?…not sure about that…. 😉

  16. I love this post. Personally, my hair is fairly long, but I grow it out then cut it off and donate it. I did a pixie once – poorly. But now I have a good stylist who will keep my hair doing what it should be doing, regardless of the length. That’s the true key – but oh your reasons to have a pixie cut do sound perfect right now….

  17. HA! This post made me laugh. I love your confidence. So I got a pixie-ish cut my senior year of high school. But mine was unplanned and awful. My hair stylist got scissor-happy and wouldn’t let me look in the mirror. At the time, I thought the world ended, but anyways, I hope to gain the courage one day. I think they can add a level of chic and sexiness!

  18. I think your pixie cut is adorable and they can be sexy as well as good for moms. Not that we know each other well enough for me to be hitting on you. ;p JK What I meant was I love it and I had something similar when I was much younger and loved it then. It always made me feel like I looked great.

  19. ghoffer

    I love the pixie cut! Unfortunately, my hair is way to thick to pull it off. The other day, I blew dry it for 25 minutes before I gave up. I think I got it from wet to slightly less wet.

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