1. jjoseverson

    LOVE THESE!!!!!! Makes me wish I had taken more pictures of my kids’ “naughty” moments when they were those ages.

  2. mamarabia

    Lol! My boys are so colorful!! You know, Ben wasn’t excited by the ham rolls. He wanted to be Iron Man!! And the daycare was worried I’d be mad when I picked him up! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

  3. OMG, the captions are hilarious!!! And I know I’ve said this before but…Rocco is just too adorable!! Thanks Susan! And lets face it….these ‘babies’ are just too cute to make us angry. 😉

  4. Great captions! These photos are why I my kids did not encounter a sharpie until they were teenagers. But they both had intimate relationships with the washable crayola markers. The other thing that kept they quiet and occupied was a box of Band-Aids. Unfortunately this was back in the days before cell phones so no cute photos to share, but the images are carved into my heart

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