1. Haha, This is hilarious. I don’t have kids so I wouldn’t know what it was like without these posts. I remember when we were little that the purple has always left pink spots. Very peculiar they haven’t solved this issue throughout 30 years, haha. It looks like you guys had fun. I hope your having a great Monday!

  2. christinerosas42

    “No matter how long you let the tablet dissolve, a purple egg WILL have flecks of pink all over it. Embrace this, don’t try to fight it.”

    OMG! I’ve been an expat for 6 yrs in places with no Easter egg dying, and this made me feel like I’m 8 again! Loved it!

  3. Spot on post! It has been decades since we dyed eggs, and I’m not sure that my kids would even remember as it was an activity that always got out of control too fast and I shut it down. Your post brought it all back! We did better with paints and glitter and glue and thread for Xmas ornaments than we did with eggs!

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