1. I am giggling my head off here. Seriously, it is always fun to read other peoples’ poop tales! Gosh, I feel like I’ve arrived in the Poop Hall of Fame now!

    Thanks for the mention, Susan! 😀

  2. I can’t believe the shower of bird poop stories you received! One other note – on a recent bird sanctuary tour a guide told us that crows are so smart that if you harass one, not only will they target you for retribution, but their descendants will as well.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Okay, now that is just creepy — vengeful crows and crow ancestors. I’m not sure if I can leave my house today.

  3. Susan, you are a genius! Thank you for including my story – you made it even more hilarious! Just shared with my BFF Cindy. I know she’ll get a chuckle! xo

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Genius? Wow, thanks! I just have the same humor interests as a 9 year old boy. Thanks so much for sharing your story – I loved it!

  4. courtneyconover

    First of all, can I tell you just how much I love the graphic you’ve chosen for this piece? That alone induced laughter. (Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words…)

    I really didn’t anticipate that you would include my story, so I had a good, organic laugh after reading your words! LOVED it. Thank you for deeming it worthy…

    I’m going to share this with my aunt — who was married to Mike. Yes, they’re divorced now, but, oddly, she and Mike still get along fabulously, and he moved back here shortly after his career ended with the Jets (in the 80s). I’ll leave it up to her whether she wants to share this shit — I mean, story — with Mike. Once again, pun totally intended! lol

    Again, I am loving this.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Let me tell you that I am not that bright, so I had to replay the fact that he married your mother’s sister like 20 times before I was sure that made him your uncle. She’s a little slow that Susan Macc.

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