1. I hate clutter so I’m constantly getting rid of things. Not things in my craft room because that’s not clutter 🙂 I went to netflix and an antennae a year ago and don’t miss it at all! I’m trying to figure out a work from home gig so I can keep my one car for much longer. I hardly ever buy new and even when I buy something used I make myself justify it and not just cause it’s cute!

  2. Kuddos, to you, Susan, for doing what feels right for you and your family. That’s the real take-away here. It’s not what you are leaving behind, but rather recognizing what truly suits your family — not what you *think* should. I’ve got nothing in the way of a contribution, though. The only major downsizing I did was getting rid of my Jaguar back in 2009 — but it wasn’t for monetary reasons…I LOVED it! It was just too small, and I had made Scott suffer long enough. Those coupes are NOT comfortable for big football players — and that was before we even had the kids. I don’t miss it, though; and I suspect you won’t really miss a lot of your stuff either. Out of sight, out of mind…

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