1. 😀 My husband isn’t guilty of those as his job in Croatia is less than glamorous however I have been known on occasion to spit out a phrase involving “code speak” which led to some “whaddya just say?” looks from him. Phrase with which my husband drives me crazy? “So how do we handle this?” (Meaning how will you handle it and I will node and agree)- usually related to my mother. (I have no idea how to handle my mother-if I did half my problems would be gone!)

  2. That’s funny. I’m the more corporate one in our house so hopefully I don’t do the same. But my husband is a school teacher so we tend to fall victim to the stern “teacher says” mode.

      • Yeah, and he’s a 1st grade teacher – second career and he’s 55 so you can imagine his reaction to the kid who during sharing time if he could share something privately with my husband. Apparently, the little boy was having trouble popping and told my husband that he was having a tough time getting it to come out.

  3. Very funny! My hubby and I work together in our business, and let me tell you, that is an adventure! You may have given me an idea for a blog post….

  4. Sarah (est. 1975)

    Oh girl. I empathize with both you AND him. When I was in the corporate wasteland known as real estate finance, my husband used to call *my* work persona “Business Sarah” and it was never a compliment. He HATED Business Sarah. But it really is hard to turn it off. Though… beer helps.

  5. OMG!!! My husband uses the ‘we’ term too when he actually wants me to do something!!! My eyes get a lot of rolling exercises when he starts a sentence with that!!

  6. Love it! Esp the twin mattress comment. I’d have to look up Latin phrases and use them improperly in response. That’s how I roll, ad nauseumly.

  7. If I had a quarter for every time I’ve said to Chris, “Don’t talk to me with your work voice.” I’d be able to buy all of the mossimo shirts. In all of the colors. I hate work voice. I need a sign with a red slash through it hanging on the door.

  8. Stephanie Sprenger

    Oh my GAWD, that was hilarious! And I have no earthly idea what ad hoc means. I was just trying to explain Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to my eight year old, because she hears me refer to her toddler sister by those names frequently. “Dr Jekyll, is that you?” I’ll exclaim in surprise when she suddenly becomes pleasant after hours of irritability and indignation. I digress. Anyway, that was wildly entertaining!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Haha – Ad Hoc means for a specific purpose. So I guess our trash situation (where we put the empty bags, the can itself and the full bags before going outside worked for a specific situation when we first moved in,) needed to be reconsidered in his opinion. He laughed when he read this too but admitted it was all 100% true!

  9. When our third child was born, I was a bit in over my head. There was a 4-5 month season where I knew that my behavior was the main cause of my 6 and 4 year olds, not so wonderful, behavior.

    Moderate Daddy came home one evening… I was worked up… out of my mind and he proceeded to say,

    “You know why they’re acting this way right?”

    Um… yes I do… I know it’s me… that makes it worse knowing it’s me and that I do nothing to change myself… it takes to much energy to change… I don’t have any energy left… and the bad day goes round and round… so again… yes I know!!

    What I said out load was…

    “Do you know why you have not gotten any lately?!”

    *point taken… apology made!

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