1. OMG Susan, I almost fell off my chair! If we could learn to burp words from our butts, I bet we could pull a good one over on them. In my defense, farts are funny … and they smell. It’s like a win win.

  2. SAM

    Susan I am LMAO because I love to burp and try to burp really loud when my younger sister is around……she is such a lady:) I just look at whoever is around me like it was them. I also like to curse….may try to copy your husband. That will be so much fun:)

  3. Jo

    I am SO glad he knows some of my favorite words. The F bomb leaves my mouth sometimes without my even KNOWING it. I have to be soooooo careful at patients homes. I never, ever used that particular word until I met my current ( and last) husband. It’s SUCH a good word. And… it’s not profanity. It’s an acronym… FALLEN UNDER CARNEL KNOWLEDGE. In other words, you’re f**ked!

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