1. Me tooooo. I agree with Rachel that the online attack mode marketing is a bit much but if you invite me somewhere that wine is served where I can look at shiny stuff or bags without my kids climbing on me…then YES. I am there. Stickers on my nails…well, not so much that.

  2. Another nail biting blogger! This was a great post and I double dog dare you to stand on a busy street with your cute little sign. In fact, I want one! Where can I get one? Will you host a “sign party” and invite me?

  3. side of ranch

    Too funny. I’m a devoted nail-biter who just survived my first Jamboree party. That original post definitely sent me back to high school levels of insecurity — “wait, you get invited to how many (multi-level marketing) parties?”

  4. valj2750

    This is a great read. I remember many of those parties when I was a young mother. A night out. And yeah, I felt like I had to buy something, but it was okay. I’m glad you can say NO. One time I went to one and was about to order hundreds of dollars of costume jewelry and my friend looked at me and said. It’s not even real stuff, and it’s too expensive. So I redid my order and just bought one ring for my daughter which turned her finger black. I’m thanking my friend for that..

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Oh no! I have a lot of Premier Designs jewelry and nothing has turned black…yet. I tend to lose and break my jewelry, so I prefer the cheap stuff :o)

  5. I love this. I shall be forwarding ALL my invites for Super Special Essentially Sensual Scented Thirty-One Thrive Jamberry Jamboree directly to you. It’s going to change your life.

  6. I don’t mind going to these parties but I don’t like having them at my home unless I love the stuff. I’ve hosted wine parties, jewelry parties and bag parties over the years and those have been okay, especially the bag one–full disclosure: I have a serious bag/purse problem. But what I have found is that most of the stuff at these parties is expensive and I just don’t need it and I no longer exchange gifts with that many people, so I really don’t need it. But I like supporting women with home based businesses.

  7. Hahhaha omg your man hands! I am on the Rachel side of this “debate” but I like your perspective too – but the “tiny man hands” I died.

  8. Leslie Kendall Dye

    I only recently became aware of this “debate” and I think it is pretty cruel to be so petty about a woman trying to support herself. If you are shy and uncomfortable hosting a party, fine, say no and say why. But the nastiness? I don’t get it. Like so much to do with social media, people are too vicious around this issue for my taste. I have a lovely, sweet, adorable friend who sells products and if I had enough friends I would be happy to host a party for her business. I don’t have any fingernails either, by the way, but I would love someone to have a paperback and first edition party at my house! Thank you for writing a NICE post about this!

  9. Susan, I am somewhere in the middle like you and depends on the product. And just like you, I cannot get into the Jamberry love either. I used to have very long fake nails before having kids and now that I work on the computer all day from home, I cannot ever believe I had long nails and love them short (shorter the better). So, Jamberry definitely doesn’t work for me either! 😉

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I am a co-author in I Still Just Want To Pee Alone with Rachael. We definitely have different takes on the home party thing…she will send me all her invites ;o)

  10. I love the in-home parties. Booze me up and give me snacks? Sure, I’ll buy your crap. It’s the online groups that we’re thrust into at every waking moment. No booze. No snacks. Just, “BUY MY CRAP!” shouted from the rooftops. (At one point, I found myself in 15 unwanted groups.)

  11. My hands are hideous so yep!…no nail products for me too. I think the most important thing you listed is that you don’t have a problem saying No. That’s very important so good for you, Susan! Thanks for the chuckle 🙂

  12. How am I just discovering your other blog now?? This is so hilarious!! I also have no issue saying no and I have tried direct marketing myself (the first time I lasted three months and the second time three minutes!) thx for this! Now my wheels are turning… Maybe I should write about my awkward experience selling!!

  13. Oh my god! Please~ just teach me how to say no!! I have a serious “need to please people” problem, masquerading as a “want to help people” habit. I cannot afford to buy anything–I do love to go to parties, though. The problem is, none of the women I know that are giving them are serving any kind of wine or mimosas!! And the last time I hosted the party, I spent more time and money on homemade appetizers and cleaning my house, to host a party for a woman I didn’t even know, than anyone there did on the product! (Except me!) And I do have a serious bag problem. I think it stems from my unrequited shoe lust. My heart yearns for sexy shoes, but my feet just laugh and laugh. So my head says, “Buy some bags, you have stuff to carry!” Anyway, thanks for the idea~I’m gonna try it. Just say no…just say no…

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