1. LOL. You got me on the mouth guard. (Only because I had braces/retainer in elementary school.) But I’m in lockstep with you with the socks and glasses. Hell, I pretty much only wear my contacts when I leave the house…so if I’m a hermit for the day — which I mostly am — it’s four eyes all the way…

  2. So… I remember reading this post of yours earlier in the month, giggled… nodded… (I actually wear glasses 24/7 and definitely have some socks only a husband could love) and thought to myself… well at least I’m only going 2/3. WELL (and I am blaming you for this) I went to the dentist today and he is now recommending that I also get a “bite guard”. Very similar to what you said… apparently I am grinding my teeth in my sleep and it would be preemptive at this point, but he is recommending I do it sooner rather than later. Anyways, I immediately thought of your blog post and knew that I was going to blame you for this new development in my life, so there you go.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Oh Nicole – welcome to the club!!I just bought an over the counter one…i want to say sleep rite was the brand or something like that. It was only $40 compared to many hundreds for the one the dentist makes. They also want to make sure you can stand to sleep with one before you invest in the ‘professional one’. The cheap one works great!

  3. I have to wear socks to bed, the woolier, the better, because my feet are ALWAYS cold. Some nights I need to wear my “sleep sweater” (bless you, Eddie Bauer) because our bedroom is the draftiest of them all. My husband is unable to comment, because he probably has HIS mouth guard in. #teethgrinder

  4. I love this post and can relate – I out after putting my son to bed in very ugly old man slippers, ratty pjs (just threw out my maternity sweatshorts bc my husband was going to divorce me) and a bad attitude.

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