• Susan Maccarelli

      We have a small bag of legos that make a little log cabin. We had held off until they came up to speed with fine motor skills, but my husband requested a new supply the other day, so they are on the way.

  1. Sarah (est. 1975)

    This was. AMAZING. HYSTERICAL. LOVED IT. And for the record, my son is also only allowed to do crafts with Grandma.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Somehow Grammy loves paint, glue and sequins. I just get it out and run in the other direction when she comes over and make up excuses about why crayons and paper are better when she is not around.

  2. I absolutely love your organization, Susan! I guess the days of Lincoln Logs, Legos, Matchbox cars and Erector sets have evolved huh? I did see Playdoh! You gave me some great ideas for my own organizing and labeling just for my stuff! Thank you 🙂

  3. Stephanie Sprenger

    This is so awesome. My favorite was “items that will interfere with pacemaker.” Brilliant! And I have so very many toys that need to be “cleansed” from the home when the kids are sleeping, not to mention “toy crumbs” as my friend Jean calls them…

  4. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    Just the word “printables” makes me puke a little bit. Like “niche” and “moist.” Gross!!! I love your bin organization labels and pinned the last one to my funny stuff I like board. Also, I hid three huge boxes of toys in my car to take to my son’s school and had to do it all in sleuth mode. Then, of course, he was asking where stuff was for DAYS and I just said that maybe he lost it. Oops.

  5. Your categories are truly hilarious. I’m afraid that M&D one would stay mostly empty at our house, too.
    BTW, I was in your neck of the woods last week: Syria, VA. When I saw you live in Warrenton, I am excited to realize I now know where that is.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I have never actually heard of Syria, but I’m not sure how, since I see it is in Madison County, and I have been through there many times. Cheers!

  6. Best. Organizational. System. Ever. I will definitely be borrowing it, except I feel that I should expand the use of it to include the rest of the house too. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

  7. LOL, great labels. This is even too ambitious for me. Everything goes in one of two bins or a toy chest (or gets tossed in the garbage—I’m looking at you, Play-doh!)

  8. Jill

    Big sigh of relief from over this way. I am not the only person who knows not (or cares not) what a printable is! Love the post!

  9. LOVE the labels! We’d also need one called “Happy Meal Toys” because in spite of the fact that my children are TOO OLD FOR HAPPY MEALS, we still have 14 million Happy Meal toys. I loved “Trains with Creepy Faces,” and can’t tell you how delighted I am that we’re past the Thomas phase. I NEVER liked Thomas and found the idea of trains with faces to be bizarre, at best.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Oooooh — How did I not think of Happy Meal Toys? Although most of those fall into the ‘things to throw away while the kids are napping’ bin. Cheers!

  10. missy

    Love it, made me laugh! I like the crap bin too. My sons birthday party was this weekend and he asked if he was going to get toys and crap. I sometimes complain about all the “crap” laying around. Better watch what I say! You know what though, the gifts are still in the bag days later and have not even been touched. I think kids were meant to be inventors of toys, not just to play with what an adult invented.

  11. at a loss as to why you would passive aggressively label you’re kids toys and if you are the do it properly! how long have octonauts been “disney” ?? and why is there a disney toy in the “things that will soon disappear down a vern” box?

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Octonauts airs on Disney Jr., though they are created by Meomi I think, so I’m sure Disney is making bank off of Captain Barnacles and crew. And yes, Simba seems to have landed in the wrong bin considering he IS Disney. Perhaps he is using the vent as an escape from my passive aggressive labeling :o)

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