1. Jean

    Impressive closet! I love to throw things away but the other person who lives here is a total hoarder so I have to sneak things to the dump and to Goodwill because if I put them in the regular trash he will actually go through the bags and pull stuff out and question me as to why I am throwing something away and then remove the items he believes to be of value from the trash bags and put them somewhere stupid in the house where they don’t belong. I took two whole trash bags of junk out of one room the day before yesterday. I have now hidden them in the hatchback of my car under the cover. I will sneak them to the dump next time I go to town. Who has to sneak to the dump?

  2. Kim

    Loved this! My favorite part was learning that they are reissuing my favorite childhood books- I loved Dorrie the witch books.

  3. Lisa @ The Golden Spoons

    Wow! That is a massive closet!! I can only imagine the amount of “stuff” it could hold! 🙂 Glad you linked up today and hope you will again!

  4. I’m with Rabia. That’s not a “closet” … that’s a Master Bedroom – or could be! It certainly looks bigger than the bedroom I currently share with hubby. 🙂 You’re a very lucky girl, Susan … and I loved this post … and greatly envy your closet! Thanks very much for sharing. Great post! 🙂

    • Susan Maccarelli

      That closet was embarrassingly huge. It was a lovely house, but not huge by any means. That closet was just enormous! The closet in our new house is nrmal sized and I don’t miss it. What I did love was the window. Closets are typically so dark, so it was nice to have daylight in there.

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