1. Hah! Now these are some funny search terms. Mine are not funny, they are just, uh…sad and desperate. Although I did have a good one today: “how did I get rug burn”. Really? You have to ask?

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Hahaha – seriously? That is sort of like the one of mine where the guy asks how he can keep from gettin gbird poop on his desk. Ummmm – where’s your desk??

  2. ooohhh you’ve had some brilliant search terms! I did a post like this a few months back and I think the most alarming term I had was “beth teliho sex”.
    uhhhh, who the eff is googling THAT?

  3. Oh, these are funny (and strange.) I haven’t had anything hugely interesting show up as searches. Could that be a sign I need some more interesting titles… 🙂

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