1. Heather V

    Phew! Even your simplified list sounds exhausting. Here’s mine:

    Christmas Decorations: Get out the one Christmas tree pillow and pre-lighted artificial tree from the attic. Oh, wait, here’s a red candle that smells like cinnamon! Tada – done!

    Christmas Baking: Make two kinds of cookies, probably from pre-packaged mixes. Burn half of them. Think about decorating the survivors, but just eat them unfrosted and unsprinkled instead.

    Christmas Cards: I do do this, with the lazy typewritten letter.

    Christmas Presents and Wrapping: Didn’t I just buy everyone something last year? Tell family members what my kid wants so at least someone will buy her some good presents. End up buying everyone else books and chocolate and fuzzy socks. Wrap them in leftover festive bags from last year. Perhaps use leftover bows to cover old tags and holes.

    Christmas Movies: *Heavy sigh* I’m sure the National Lampoon one will be on TV sometime this month . . .

  2. Sounds like you may have been raised by an obsessive Christmas elf! Oh wait, that would be me. I done my best! Good job of keeping things under control so you can now enjoy the next 3 weeks instead of running around like a chicken who is just about to be pecked to death!

  3. Jean

    How is it that I have the Christmas day birthday and my sister is the one that turned out like this! This time of year is too much work, it DOES get dark too early, and I resent the fact that I have to do all the traditional Christmas stuff on the 25th and I can’t just do what I want and eat what I want on my birthday like normal people. Bah humbug! :o)

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