1. Earlier this year, while living in Australia, we binged watched the whole Soprano series (didn’t really have access to Australian TV and their version of Netflix was limited). I Fell in love with Carmella. I loved her no nonsense approach to Tony and his work. One moment she is holding him accountable and the next she is loading a gun to protect her family. I couldn’t live her life, but it was thrilling to watch! And of course we also loved Jennifer Melfi. What a complex character!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks Heidi! I definitely don’t want Carmella’s life, but I love the idea of bringing a little of her strength into mine!

  2. Awesome post. So glad you got Married to the Mob in there too, one of my faves. Between my mother’s side and my husband’s side—I’m lousy w/ the Italian godmothers so I know of what you speak. Sans the violence tho! Most of the time but beware the wooden spoon.

  3. This is pretty hilarious! I married into an Italian Polish family but since my husband leans closer to the Polish people, I was never forced to watch any of the Godfather movies, but after this post I kind of want to (if only for the ladies!).

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