• Susan Maccarelli

      Ahhh Meredith – I am basically just trying to be like my favorite bloggers…you among them! Thanks for the kind words.

  1. That is an awesome story! I’m always happy when I see you have a new blog post up! BTW, I don’t think my little voice likes me too much… never seems to have my back either. But I’ll keep listening.

    On a sort of similar note: My 15 year old daughter, known for being a little, shall we say, “blonde”, once said to me “mom, you know that little voice that’s in your head, like when you’re reading?” I said “yes…….” she asked, seriously, “WHO is that?”. Love her!

  2. Well, that’s a cool story. I confess, I was afraid it was going to end with him missing the helicopter and the helicopter then meeting with disaster, so whew!

  3. I’m really bad at standing up for myself, so I typically hear that little voice in moments when I KNOW I need to say what’s on my mind. I haven’t been great at listening to it in the past but I’m certainly getting better!

  4. I tend to be anxious, so when I hear my little voice, it usually starts an internal argument about whether or not it’s valid or just me being a bit dramatic. By the time I’m done arguing with myself the moment has usually passed. Maybe someday my inner voice will be validated 🙂 Thanks for the great post.

  5. Dang girl you are FUNNY! Love.It. My inner voice is a scolding mix of Nanny McPhee (“small ‘c,” big “P”) with the raw edge of Pink (the female pop star) rasping “Eff it! Do it!” Sometimes it’s a battle of the internal wills when Pink wants to snarf the last of the Brookside Chocolates as Nanny McPhee watches sternly with her big stick. Just sayin’ 😉

    • Susan Maccarelli

      So funny that you said Nanny McPhee – I just wrote a holiday themed post and submitted it for an anthology where I used N.M. to describe my husband’s british accent, so if you see that pop up somewhere sometime, I didn’t steal it from you :o) That is a good combo of voices though!

  6. I love love love your story telling! I’m afraid my little voice is only loud enough to notice when it’s a bag of crisps. It calls ‘open me, open me’. And as you must understand, one cannot leave a bag of crisp open without eating them all. It’s law of nature.
    And I’m in awe at your dad’s little voice. Only it sounded like Homer Simpson when I read it. Makes me wonder… do you hear a voice in your head when you read? And does it change according to what you’re reading?

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Hahaha – My dad has probably never seen The Simpsons, but you never know! I hear a voice in my head when I am reading, but it is my own too low annoying man voice unfortunately.

  7. GREAT story. I envision it in kind of Eugene Jerome Biloxi Blues way though with Christopher Walken at his wackjob best saying something like “Come on Jerome, you panty waist…get back on the copter! But I digress because my point is…I have many little voices (if you read my blog you’ll find a post verifying the verity (hah!) of that) so deciding which to listen to is like standing in the cake mix aisle and trying to pick something “different.” Still that panic at Chik Fil A – oh yes grasshopper, I know it well!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I have never seen Biloxi somehow, though I can pretty much picture your Christopher Walken! Haha. It IS hard to decide which little voice is authentic and which are just trying to sabotage you!

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