1. I remember those toddler days well.

    The perfect chips crack me up. My daughter is 11, and she still won’t eat french fries with questionable spots or dark brown on them.

  2. Oh yes. Just yesterday, my toddler brought me 2 Ninja Turtles band-aids she found in her brother’s stash and insisted I put them on imaginary boo-boos on her feet. And how are there no truly spill-proof sippy cups?! #typeaparent

  3. Haha. For Z it’s the blue sippy cup w/ the red top, and oddly, she does not like the Band-aids geared toward kids. She must have regular Band-aids. Covering non-injuries of course.

  4. Don’t forget the oodles and oodles of French Fries with the brown ends removed as well.. 🙂 Yeah celebrities can seriously get out of hand with their demands.. It’s that whole “i’m special and eccentric” situation – it must stop but it’s hard to stop a person with tantrums and money. Happy Hump Day Susan! -Iva

    • Susan Maccarelli

      My kids inhale fries so quickly, I don’t think they have every noticed an imperfection, but definitely in line with the chips!

  5. This was all funny, but for some reason the “Sharpie markers. No tops necessary,” really made me laugh. We’re long past those days, so the rider would be along the lines of: a gazillion computers, tablets, smartphones (because you have to be able to check emails, Tumblr, and text messages all at once, while also editing videos, and probably watching one too.) The potato chips with questionable chips removed would still stand though!

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