1. juliaklimek

    It’s great that he’s not severely allergic. Phew! One of my sons, had a similar allergic reaction after he was given one of those ice thingys with red white and blue syrupy stuff on it, in a paper cone… dont know what it’s called. He was about 3 and within minutes had red welts all over his torso… I FREAKED out! Turns out he was allergic to food dye. Not a big thing to avoid thankfully, but it was scary watching him transform – he looked like he had been whipped! Thank god for Benedryl. (In so many ways).

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I have heard of red dye sensitivity, but I didn’t realize that people have actual allergic reactions. Wow. I think if Rocco had a tablespoon full of peanut butter or something, his symptoms might be worse, but at least we are pretty safe with him eating things that are processed in the same facility as peanuts and such.

  2. I bet that first allergic reaction was scary. Thankfully my kids aren’t allergic to peanuts (or any nuts – except maybe for mom being nuts) but since both hubby and I are allergic to penicillin there’s always the probability of them having it. We haven’t experimented yet with that, I just scream at the top of lungs that both daddy and mommy are allergic to it and doctors usually avoid it.

    As soon as finances get a bit better we will have that test done – it gets pricey in Croatia even with co-pay.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Its good that they can do a penicillin test – i just figured they wouldn’t know until they gave it to them.

  3. I can imagine how scary that must have been, Susan! I am thinking, peanuts are used in so many foods…and what a chore to have to read food labels all the time. Sigh. Hugs!

    I had to smile at the chubby cheeks – my son was like that too!

    Confession – I think Benadryl tasted awesome when I had to take it for that rare cough. Haven’t tasted it for years now.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      The peanut challenge was not too scary since he was at the dr’s office and they were watching him so closely. The hives didn’t even bother him because they gave him the benedryl so fast. The first time it happened I was much more scared by it since I didn’t know if it would escalate into breathing problems etc. Chubby cheeks are the best. Rocco will be 3 in September but has the face of a 1 year old!

  4. My son is two and a half two, and I know how tough it will be for you to keep him off peanut products. I have a niece with serious peanut allergies, but it looks like with hives, it isn’t the worst form of it.

  5. Just be cautious…my teen, who has a “mild” nut allergy has had severe reactions, most notably when she was sick with something else. How much they’ve eaten matters too. She does seem to have outgrown an earlier dye allergy, however.

  6. See that always would scare me – that my son would have some allergy I wasn’t aware of yikes! Thankfully he can eat anything but chooses to be picky O_o. What a scary situation but happy the reaction wasn’t worse or scarier. Although, I need to stock benadryl just in case now 😉 Have a great one Susan! -Iva

  7. Man, is that ever scary the first time something like that happens! I had a similar situation with my youngest son the first time he was put on antibiotics. It didn’t take long to figure out he was allergic to penicillin. He’s 19 now and I guess he may have out grown that allergy but we have never had him tested to find out.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      You are the second comment to mention a penicillin allergy – scary! I forget about things like that but I’m sure that is nasty the first time that comes up — especially since they are already sick to begin with.

  8. Food allergies can be so frustrating. Sounds like you have handled it all well though.
    I loved “two plus two … carry the one …” !
    Have a great day Susan – and best of luck with the allergy in the future.

  9. Awww. Poor little guy. My two boys both had severe food intolerances (FPIES) if you’re bored later, google it. I know how frustrating it can be. I love your writing style thought….so entertaining. 🙂

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