1. Kirby's Mom

    * No, it was the Apple fritters at Cardinal Bakery.
    * Don’t forget the Fauquier MAGAZINE – I wish the Emersons would resurrect it.
    * Do you remember when the Rip van Winkle motel had a swimming pool out front? (Grassy yard now)
    * We rented videos in the side room of McClanahan’s before there was an Errols – Poe drove to Manassas.
    * And, Sue-bee-honey, I remember taking you to the Huntsman Restaurant for dinner (now JD Handyman).
    * I have to admit that I always secretly coveted Miss Walton’s leopard skin jacket.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Never had a Cardinal apple fritter :o( The movie rentals in the side room of McClanahans video dealing sounds shady. I recall the Huntsman and crying to go home because I was too wussy to spend the night after. Luckily I made up for it by spending the night at your house 3,036 more times before I graduated.

  2. Warrenton born and raised

    It’s spelled ‘Dr. VonElten’ and he’s still the best MD in town (plus still very handsome, just a bit older now:)

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Hugo’s appears to be my biggest omission from the facebook and blog comments. I was only allowed to go on Sundays, so I missed the Friday night carousing, and I had no idea there was a bus from waterloo station! Good stuff!

  3. aretha yates

    how about friday nights after the fhs football games when everyone went to mcdonalds 2 eat & the dollar general on main street??

  4. How about the pleasure of a nice steak dinner at Ben & Mary’s when it was really Ben and Mary – complete with live entertainment a la Mike Fling?

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Oh that is spot on!!!! That chicken would spin around and be super loud before your prize would come out — too funny!!

  5. Beth Slaughter

    Let’s not forget the Virginia Motor Lodge up on the hill where the outback is now – you could pay $2 to go swimming on a hot day!

  6. Kim sherman

    Warrenton was the first place I ever lived where people built little houses for kids to wait at the end of the driveway for the bus.

  7. Brian Foster

    Don’t forget late nights and early mornings at Frost Diner! Bobs Big Boy (now Fosters Grille) was a popular study spot after school as well.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I remember before it was Bob’s it was Howard Johnson’s. I was dining there with my grandmother and cousins once and one of the cousins was pitching a fit until my grandmother told her she had better stop unless she wanted to be drop kicked into the light fixture. She stopped. Ahhhh the memories!

    • Susan Maccarelli

      You guys were pretty awesome. We ate a lot of ramen noodles and probably watched Adventures In Babysitting 100 times.

      • At least 100 times. And swam at the pool and saw the greatest movies and then there was that one time we got Slurpees. Still can not figure out what made you drop it…

        Honestly, for me growing up around there just makes me think of how different it looks now.

  8. Brenda Clark

    I was born and raised in Warrenton in tne 50’s. Have always loved this little town. When I was growing up, there was a “Western Auto” about in the spot where Jo-ann’s is now and a Sears Catalog store in the same area. There was also the “Blue Ridge Hardware” on Main Street. I remember Rhodes Drug Store well, for a long time, it was the only drug store in the area. Lots of fond memories.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      I love this comment! I remember Western Auto and definitely remember the Sears catalog store — all over there by Ben Franklin (before they moved to the bypass location). I worked upstairs at Rhodes Gift Shop in high school and college over summers and holidays. Good times!

      • Paul X. Danner

        I remember going to the Sears catalog store to pick up orders and our account number was the last TWO digits of our phone number, lol.

    • Paul X. Danner

      I used to love Western Auto. When the TV was on the fritz, we’d pop a few tubes out and head to Western Auto to use their tube tester.

    • Lennie

      My grandparents lived on Main St so very familiar with Rhodes Drug Store and Blue Ridge Hardware. Also shopped at the Safeway on corner, Silco and Kress. I wouldn’t even be here today if not for Thorman’s TV Repair…that’s where my parents met. And you knew you could finally drive a stickshift when you stopped on hill in front of courthouse and didn’t stall or roll back down the hill.

  9. takiesha m fitzhugh

    when warrenton had a Parade and Carnival and we would walk through the warrenton cemetary to get to the carnival!!

    • Linda Lynch Spinelli

      So many memories. I remember walking up the hill from Warrenton high after school for fries and cherry Coke st Rhodes and being so excited when the fireman carnival was going on.

      Also remember walking everywhere. I lived on Stuyvesant st.

  10. Sam Clark

    How about the old Jaycee’s Haunted Houses at the retirement home on Culpeper street. And they would show old scary movies projected on the wall as you stood in line. Dwayne the pharmacist from Rhodes would guide you through and his voice alone would scare you. And each room had a 60 second skit to enjoy.

    Also “My Friend’s Place” back in the alleyway at the A&P shopping center when there was the cut through there. But that was the town’s ice cream shop with Baby Pac-Man Pinball/Arcade.

    The two arcades in town: Galaxy (where the Subway is none on 29 business) and the one down from Taylor where the Warrenton Auto Shops are (can’t remember the name).

  11. Ricky

    The Donut Express! Donuts and video games we were in heaven. Miss being chased off hospital hill by security for sled riding.

  12. Kevin Barnholt

    Fantasticos, Roy Rogers, the tractor lot where Sheetz is now, Maurices, the motel in New Baltimore where the TFB bank is now, western sizzlin, the movie theater (now golds), waterloo mini mart, main street deli. All i could remember of the top of mybhead.

  13. Robin

    Is warrenton the only place that still has the sign on building for the independent order of odd fellows? I work in town now and still wonder what they do there! Also great fallout shelters on culpeper at and near the courthouse, classic.

  14. Janet Wayland

    The original section of Warrenton Village Center used to be “Northern Virginia Shopping Center”, and I remember having the movie theater on main street between the post office and the fire dept.

  15. My family owned a butcher shop that was in the building where the Subway is on Broadview (across from what once was Roy Rogers).
    My brother managed the movie theater where Gold’s Gym now is for one summer so that’s all I did that summer!
    I also remember chilling at Rady Park after school and buying Keds at Carter’s

    • Andrew

      That movie theater was the Warrenton Movies 5 and it was the only game in town if you didnt want to drive to the Manassas Mall. We used to put the films together on Wednesday night and have private midnight showing a for our highschool friends.

  16. Sarrah Carroll

    ben franklins…. is that still there? someone in our group of 20 would always win a free party the next weekend at hugos… we lived there! spitonys, i could go on1 thanks for posting this. it really made me smile. i miss warrenton badbadbadbadbad.

  17. Sarrah Carroll

    When warrenton was warrenton and gainesville was gainesville and manassas was manassas. there was actual country side

  18. Lisa

    And remember when you could rent VHS movies in the back corner of Rankin’s Hardware? And going to the High’s ice cream shop where the Waxie Maxie’s was located later! Rainbow Sherbert i e cream after church was always a favorite! Glad folks remembered the Donut Express – loves the donut holes and arcade games there. Born and raised in Warrenton and loved reading this!!

  19. Eva May

    Oh man Susan got Ben Franklin’s craft store before I could. My grandfather was the president of Jefferson Savings & Loan (across the street from Rankins in the original Safeway shopping center) and my grandparents always bought me those god awful saddle shoes at Sweeneys Shoe Store on Main


  20. Eva May

    Wanna give a 90s shout out to Earthly Paradise Coffee SHOP- beautifully painted interior and superb baked goods as well as delicious coffee! Wish there were one on every corner instead of Starbucks …..oh what about Western Sizzler by what was Comfort Inn coming out of town opposite side of the highway from warrenton lakes.

    • Janis

      OMG…thanks so much for the shout-out, Eva May. I really appreciate it. Owning and operating the EP was the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. I will always remember and treasure how kind the folks of Warrenton were to me. Thanks, again. Janis 🙂

      • Kirby and Ann Nelson

        Janis, come back! We were “regulars” at EP back in the good old days. It would be wonderful to have a REAL coffee shop in Warrenton again. What/where are you these days?

        • Janis

          Kirby and Ann!!!! Of course I remember you!!! You are so sweet to leave a comment. Is your dad/hubby still flying? See, I know who you are. I will always treasure your friendship. I’m still in town but just bought a little house in Culpeper. I should be living in Culpeper by the end of this month. Hope you are doing well. Miss you!!!

          • Pat E.

            Janis, I miss your EP also! really bummed when you closed up but I understand why you did. Do you remember giving me the little cream pitcher for my collection? I would love to see you come back.
            There has never been any coffee shop like yours since you left!

  21. Eva May

    Last one I promise lol: G. Willikers toy store (used to be old Safeway shopping center now its over in Giants. China Jade has been in warrenton as long as I can remember. Maurices was a cute clothing shop in the 90s also old Safeway shopping center and I always try to stop at Tippys Tacos on shirley ave whenever I visit home…and that’s all I have…thanks for the memories Back in time

  22. Kirby's Mom

    Caprice Cafe on Culpeper St under the Wheat First Securities (now Wells Fargo). A group of us had a standing lunch date every Wednesday. They used have open mic night too. I remember hearing Steve Hagedorn there.

  23. Orlean

    Before Erols, we had to rent movies from some store between. Food lion and fat tuesdays. They had more beta than vhs, and if you were able to sneak into the little closet without the owner spotting you, they had tons of porn.

    Going to Roy Rodgers to get the actual Roy Rodgers autograph. I

  24. Leslee

    The Dollar General on Main Street, the Tally Ho where the lady sold dollhouse furniture, etc. Mid County feed store on Falmouth Street near the VDOT. National Variety store on Main Street. I remember when Jamesway and Ames were in Warrenton.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Tally Ho – oh my gosh. I used to love to go in there! National Variety – I almost forgot about that. I think they had a little bit of everything and did they have steps going down to a lower level?

  25. Roxy

    The old drive in movies where Bear Wallow subdivision is now. I watched the original Star Wars movie there. And the McDonald’s sign out front said Over 100,000 Served! Leggett’s on Main Street gave a little competition to Carter’s General Store. The movie theater up town and the fire house at the end of Main Street before it moved to Shirley Ave and had their annual carnivals in the field out back. 🙂

    • Janice

      My father-in-law ran the movie projector at the movie theater up town! I always enjoyed the carnivals, not just Warrenton’s. So many great memories!

  26. Kirby's Mom

    I am still using my original, hard plastic library card. The one with the girl by the fountain statue, and with my old address “Rt 5 Box 50” (pre E911 addressing).

  27. Kelley

    Going to Gold Cup Races at Broadview before they were moved to Great Meadows. We would park at the high school and walk across the field to snag a spot on Member’s Hill (without tickets!).

  28. Jamie Childress

    I remember when the Auntie Anne’s was where Tropical Smiothie is. We used to wait for them to make a fresh pretzel since they were soooo much better that way! I also remember that when the movie theater opened, they gave out these free passes and we must have photocopied them and seen free movies for a solid year…. And the tickets were only four or five dollars! We had to go all the way to Manassas to hang out at the mall or visit Pager Shack for an awesome colored case for our pagers! There were payphones everywhere, so that you could call whomever had pages you of course!

  29. Andrea Ashby Burke

    Cardinal Restaurant that was next to the old pet shop had the best steak and cheese sandwiches! What about the fastest SIT DOWN Mrs. Pacman game at Spitony’s in New Baltimore. Spitony’s stillgoing strong after all these years gotta love it.

  30. Andrea Ashby Burke

    Cardinal Restaurant that was next to the old pet shop had the best steak and cheese sandwiches! What about the fastest SIT DOWN Mrs. Pacman game at Spitony’s in New Baltimore. Spitony’s still going strong after all these years gotta love it.

  31. Barbara Landers

    If you went to Central and Brumfield, you should remember Mr. Miller reading “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” to the Pre-school through Second grade every Christmas.

  32. Jim

    So glad you have started this….. I remember when we moved there, ww went to the C&P telephone company trailer in the Safeway parking lot to arrange for phone service to pick and pick up our 1 inch thick phone book. Really miss Warrenton , we lived in Warrenton Lakes, now in Georgia. Still have the phone books with the plastic cover with all of the Warrenton Advertising.

  33. Lennie

    Getting up on a snowy morning and listening to Big K radio to see if “The Old Tom Cat” was going to say if school was closed because the Washington stations didn’t know we existed. Now radio and TV know we are here but still can’t pronounce Fauquier. Also loved to hear him read the school menus in the morning to see what the other schools were having. Which also reminds me of the little mimeographed school menu that was handed out weekly in class and posted on our fridge.

  34. Lee Thomas

    Blue Ridge Hardware on Main St. Rankins Hardware in Safeway Shopping Center. Old Jail was spelled Olde Gaol. St. James Preschool… first or one of the first of its kind. Sons first haircut at a REAL barbershop on Main St. Ivy Basket Gifts on Main… nicest lady worked there. Airplane crashed and burned in yard a block behind my house just off Rt. 605. Taught at Warren Middle from ’85-’89. Lee Bell was principal of PB Smith Elem.

  35. Nice list! How about The Stable Door store on Main Street next to Fauquier Pharmacy for all your horsey needs? Designs by Teresa when she was first located on Culpeper Street in the tiny little shop? How many students in Fauquier County were taught or principal-ed by Mr. Lee Bell? Vint Hill Farm Station when it was still an active (and spooky) Army Base? The old FAST (Fauquier Area Swim Team) that started in the Vint Hill NCO pool when the base was still active (we had to get out of the pool for the playing of taps and flag lowering at 5pm). I ate at Town & Country Restaurant (now Northside 29) and the Huntsman when I was a college student in the early 80s, traveling back and forth from suburban Maryland to college in Lynchburg, never knowing I would one day live here. Bought our land in ’86, moved in early ’87, raised 3 children, and still here. Great community!

  36. Miss Annie

    Who could forget Donut Express? or Video Den? or Coke syrup from Rhodes Drug Store for upset tummies? or having just one high school? or Battle of the Bands? or Mrs Arnold for Behind the Wheel? or Falcon Rock? or Field Parties? or… 🙂

  37. Dean

    Having dinner at Western Sizzlin’ or shopping at Blue Ridge Hardware on Main Street.

    The other nice thing is while many of these things have disappeared or changed, there are still some that remain the same.

  38. TLM

    What about the awesome playground at Central Elementary that would be considered “hazardous” by today’s standards? The wood, rubber bridges, pea gravel

  39. Donnie Beaver

    Living in town we did not have a mailbox. We went into the post office and said “general delivery” and got all our mail.

  40. ENice

    Talk about a blast from the past. I miss family, late night Frost, and Spitonys. Is it bad when you call for a pizza and they don’t even ask your name? Gainesville? You mean that stoplight where the half closed down steel mill used to be. Agh? Roundabout? WTF?

  41. class of 1999

    When Fauquier only had one high school before Liberty opened, kids came to Warrenton from all over the county. We got more snow days off, late starts, early releases, etc. than any other counties.

  42. Eric Seagrave

    How about buying fireworks and Red Hot Fire Balls at Mayhughs (i probably murdered the spelling on that). did anyone ever buy and eat one of the pickled eggs from that huge jar on the counter?

  43. Lisa Jeffries Freeman

    Waterloo Mini mart, Warrenton Lanes, softball tournaments at Benner Field Vint Hill and Hugo’s, and sleigh riding down Warrenton Training Center hill until you got caught! Man I miss Warrenton!

  44. Kirby's Mom

    Charlotte Mautner’s New Leaf Bookstore. I believe it was located first on Main St and then in the shopping center on 211. I remember Patricia Cornwell visited the bookstore when researching “Point of Origin” which was based in Fauquier County. Cornwell sent Charlotte a case of the book when it was published.

  45. This is one of the best articles I have read in a long, long time. I remember walking home from High School and my father standing in Thorman’s TV Shop and I use to be so embarrassed to see him standing there. My father, Peyton Woodzell, my uncle and Jimmy owned the Blue Ridge Hardware. My uncle had the hardware store when it was on one side of Rhodes Drug Store and then they moved in the new building across the street, Patsy Cline, Roy Clark and Jimmy Dean all started out at Rockwood Hall and they used to sing on top of a hay wagon at the Hotel one Sat night a month. Everyone would take their chairs or blankets up to the lawn of the hotel early on Sat. and no one would touch them. I was raised in town in the first house behind the fire house and when that siren blew in the middle of the night I could sleep through it. My sister Barbara Ebbets has a boutique in part of where the Blue Ridge was located. I could keep on and on about those days but I don’t want to embarrass myself.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting…oh and I’m glad people have commented on more than just the 70s and 80s. I love hearing about Warrenton before I knew it. Cheers!

    • Bob Corder

      For the record, Jimmy Dean and his Texas Wildcats did not get their start at Rockwood Hall. Their “home base” was a place in Washington, D.C. called “The Famous” restaurant on New York Avenue. The band played at Rockwood Hall on Wednesday nights in the early 1950s. I first met Jimmy in 1952 when the band played for the inaugural dance to celebrate the opening of the then-new Amissville Fire Station.

  46. Bill Wayland

    I lived in Culpeper for 20 years & moved to FL in 2005. Had my office on Main Street for a number of years and one other street over by the police station. Question. Is Wayland Ford Tractor still in business? I know Fred passed away after I left but don’t know if John Wayland is operating Wayland Ford Tractor if it is still around.

    Had started the dance studio with Laura Crown (spelling?) named In Motion. Guess Laura is still teaching the kiddies.

    The mention of Rhodes Drug Store reminded me of the small restaurant right next door to the drug store that was reopened while I was there. What I remember most was the Amaretto Cheese Cake they had–it was superb. Also, the sea food pasta at a restaurant that I cannot remember their name was great served over angel hair pasta. I think that restaurant closed soon after I left town.

    Guess Jim Rankin is still around selling furniture, etc.


  47. Alyson

    I found this while looking for Pat George’s obituary on a whim, and the trip down memory lane was amazing – thanks so much for sharing this stuff. Someone mentioned the spiral staircase in the library – we loved it so much that my mom actually asked for it when they renovated the library, planning to include it in the house my parents were building. Sadly, life intervened, and last I saw, it was rusting away in Orlean somewhere. I’d like to think someone found and rescued it in the twenty (thirty? Man, I’m feeling old) years since. So many memories – I’ll add one, but it might be a bit farther back: the sounds and smells of the bowling alley on Daddy’s league nights, running around on the footprint-print carpet…I sure loved that place, second only to Spitony’s after softball games on Vint Hill.

  48. Forbes Morse

    …being left for hours to entertain ourselves in the nursery (with Nora?) and around the vending machines of Chestnut Forks Tennis Club.

    • Susan Maccarelli

      Forbes – I’m the author of this post and my sister Jean and I (my maiden name was Susan Lee) used to play with you and your little sister Ann(e)? at your house off Main street when we were little.

      • Forbes Morse

        Susan – That’s amazing!! It took me a few seconds, but as soon as I saw the photo of you and Jean at the top of the page, I remembered at once. Your post is fantastic!!

        I wanted to offer up one more memory; though, I’m pushing the Warrenton boundary – does anyone remember the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House which used to be in Manassas? I loved that place! – Forbes

        • Susan Maccarelli

          YES! It was a major treat to go there. I always got the popcorn shrimp, which now sounds disgusting, but were great at the time. I remember it being dark in there. There was also a York Steakhouse in Manassas mall that was cafeteria style and a big treat at the time too. Also dark. Darkness while eating must have been an 80’s thing. Cheers!

  49. David

    I lived close to Warrenton (Vint Hill Farms) around 1967-1968 and worked at both TV shops for a year or so, I was just searching here to see if I could find something out about POP Thorman, went to some of the places mentioned above like Frost diner, some great memories.

  50. Kelly

    Does anyone remember Mac Thrifty’s 5 Star Video Express that sat in front of Ames? It was a little drive thru booth where you could rent videos and the Fauquier Hospital Snack Bar? They had the best food.

  51. Gary Chelak

    I ran across this after connecting with a friend from Taylor junior high school. So many great memories reading through this – thanks a lot 🙂 Used to live in Bellview Farms, take the hour+ bus ride to school in Warrenton proper.

  52. Fred Garvin

    The candy isle at Drug Fair was the best!
    Seeing The Sweat Penguins performing at the Golden Era Restaurant was fab!
    Chilly Willie’s at Highs was incredible!
    There were 2 Tastee Freez’s in town – a small one near Roy Rogers and a large one near the bowling alley where you ordered your food like at a Sonic! No McD’s then!
    Southern Department Store – buying stonewashed jeans! and getting your Christmas tree there in the lawn from the boy scouts.
    Gassing up at Kayo and Red Head stations!
    The rolls at PB Smith from Mrs. Claytor & Mrs. Burton – could eat a dozen
    Orchestra camp in the summer at Bradley Elementary
    Breakfast at Welcome Traveler in Opal or at Quarles Truck Stop with the phone at the table
    That quick merge from Alexandria Turnpike onto 29
    The dusty mile long driveway at Fauquier Swim Club
    Playing Defender, Galaga, and Pacman at Safeway!
    Getting a coffee at the small kiosk in the middle of Rankins Hardware parking lot (90’s)
    The triangle sugar cookie in the ice cream at Ho Jo’s ice cream bar on the right side of the restaurant
    The BEST chili at the Chili Hut next to Frost Diner!
    That car wash between Rick Hunt and Frost Diner towards the back of the property!

    The rare trip to Manassas for:
    Vanilla ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts at Orange Bowl
    Buying Led Zep records at Harmony Hut
    Going into The Bazaar and smelling all that incense!
    York Steak house cafeteria style dinner
    So-Fro Fabrics with your mom to pick out material – just like Ben Franklin in Warrenton
    Shakey’s and Farrells! (maybe that was the yearly trip to Fairfax)

    That’s all for now!

  53. Sally B.

    How about Zayres? Where Gold’s Gym is now, the Copper Bit, the amish furniture store that used to be on Main Street and the Merry Go Round second hand store on Main Street, that you had to walk down the steps to get to…

  54. SRG

    How about Pennyante and Merle Norman in the now Sears shopping center when it used to have the cut-through/breezeway in the middle of the strip with stores on either side?

  55. Charlotte

    Warrenton Chorale Christmas Concerts, Fauquier county Fair before it moved from Marshall, Horse and Pony shows, Picadilly, Flowers by Teresa, The Deli on Mainstream by Sue Feeley which was open on Sundays when Main Street was dark, Little Cafe and Inger, Rhodes and Christine Fox, Natural Market Place, Small businesses have a difficult time survey today with Walmart, big Box Stores and Gainesville. As for Mr. Bell and wiping black scuff marks out of the vinyl in the hallways and expecting the students not to suffer from OCD. Whatever…….

  56. Jim

    There was an Italian restaurant in Warrenton Shopping Center, circa 1992.I cannot remember the name, but you had to go downstairs for your table. I was stationed at Vint Hill Farms Station three times: 79-83, 84-88, and 92-93. I retired from the Farm, and found a home in Culpeper.

  57. Mark

    What about the G.Wilakers (spelling?) toy shop that use to be around where the Giant and Subway are. I remember wanting toys from there but we’re always too expensive

    • Hugh Waple ( Margaret & Raymond's grandson)

      Wow third time trying here … Fading fast
      I was present for the last hoorah party that a band called the Roadducks played at the “Warrenton Motor Lodge ” the night before the bulldozers arrived . Overnight guests were instructed to take whatever keepsakes …. Anything …, at all they wished as it was being pushed over . Sad …. Walls were beautiful and fragrant hesrt Pine … Beds and closets built in … The restaraunt was a Chinese or Thai joint that was tiki all the way…. 1950′ Elvis luau theme down to the huge volcano centerpiece …. Multi straw drinks they served with fruity cocktails. Like a time warp … And criminal its gone . The actual place was in the hill … Not far from the 7-11 heading south on rt 29 prior to town . And the typical one story spread out affairs us oldsters remember As kids
      Some fool has posted the Old HO JO across from the diner as the warrenton motor lodge . While they did have a banner across the front saying motor lodge …. It ain’t the same place …. And I just wanted to set the record straight .
      Ps tgat band is still around … Just getting in from St. Pattys. Watching them at a place in occoquan . Some of the other patrons and the band folks and me were discussing this very place . That night a freind scooted off with my truck … Keys and wallet & the kind folks of that band tgat stayed the night made sure I got home to
      Fairfax .
      Hence my very lucid recollections of a memorable last night at a condemned icon .

      Hope others set the record straight

  58. Tammy Guzman

    How about the Galaxy Arcade..Or Fashion Bug…The Jefferson and Cavalier motels had pools also…Bonanza Restaurant
    Warrenton Parade and Carnival put on by the Warrenton Fireman

  59. Cathy Smith

    Remember when restaurants would come and go from where the Yen Cheng was and it seemed like the place was cursed. Then Yen Cheng came and lasted, what, 30 years? Peoples Drug, which was next to A & P. Carnival behind the firehouse. Do they still sound the airhorn for the firehouse? That went on for awhile. Remember the Food Lion shopping center being built. When there was a gas station next to the McDonalds (the second Exxon back in the day?)..

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